The Detestable Trip To O'Mihi's

November 7, 2010
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“GET UP ETHAN!” hollered Mrs. Dylan, “Principle O’Mishi wants to see you!!!!!!!”
These statements coming out of Dylan’s mouth shocked Ethan so much that he jumped out of his seat from his peaceful slumber and into the floor head first causing a chorus of laughter after him at his embarrassing movement. Only after a barrage of foaming saliva from Dylan’s mouth by shushing the class did they start to stop snickering and grimacing, but still this was not the reason for Ethan’s terror but the last few words that had been screamed out from Dylan’s mouth. O’Mishi wants to see you…

Walking down the halls in Cleveland Clark Junior high in the middle of class was far from peculiar at a school where even stray dogs sometimes roamed the halls when some punk head 8th grader decided scare the 5th graders but this trip was far from normal. Only the worst of the worst in the school were sent to O’Mishi’s office to be either expelled or to be tortured by her ear shattering 110 decibel screams which is the highest decibel an ear can contain before it starts to hurt so much that it causes permanent damage. Dreading the imminent torture that she had in stock for him, Ethan tried to imagine what was so serious that had caused her to send for him. Was it because of the stupid prank he had played on that tattle tale Lizzie when he found a banana slug in the playground that was desperately trying to get out of the sun’s harmful rays because of its moist skin that he put on her blonde curls that started the succession of screams which brought him a great deal of bashing from the stupid teachers not to mention a week of detention or how he used some rich kid’s pin number for lunch so that he could actually buy something hot rather than eat the disguising cold leftovers he had from home where they couldn’t afford anything. None the less, when Ethan got to the principle’s room, a real shocker hit him like a pile of bricks falling on to your head. Not only was she there but someone even worse…

Sitting next to the great overlord of the school was Ethan’s worst nightmare, his step father. Not only did the two not get alone but they couldn’t even stay in the same room for thirty seconds before shouting ridiculous insults at each other. His appearance could only mean trouble so Ethan always tried to stay out of his way so that everybody got a long, but why was he here? There was no explanation that he could think of so the question lingered in his mind until the silence was broken by his idiotic step father.

“Boy, your mother just died from a car crash and I am going to disown you. Mrs. O’Mishi will take over now,” he casually said…
Thoughts were racing through Ethan’s mind right then. The bitter sweet agony was so striking that he almost fainted. How could his mother die at the young age of only 32 but at least he didn’t have to live with that cretin anymore. Maybe the utopia he had always dreamed for was coming true. He wasn’t going to live with his step father anymore. Before O’Mishi could even utter her first sentence about his future, Ethan let a holler comparable to a hyena’s in an act to show his great joy. Maybe for once, someone would come out of O’Mishi’s office alive yet happy…

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