Why does he make me love him?

November 7, 2010
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A white hot flame runs through my body when I see him. He makes me so mad. And yet I love him so much. So much that that flame turns to love in a matter of seconds. That smile spreads across his face as he looks down the hall. What was he smiling at?

And then she rounds the corner. His girlfriend. The girl that made me lose him. He was never mine to have, but the fantasy remains in my mind. They kiss. The white hot flame reappears, but the fire is put out by the tears that freely flow down my face.

I fall to the ground, not able to breath. My body rests against my locker, and my head goes between my legs. Air slowly fills my lungs. It stings when it hits my throat. The tears still fall down my face as I look up. I look right at him. His hand is in hers. He smiles and laughs with his friends. He glances over, and our eyes meet. The smile slowly fades from his face, and the tears flow heavier.

He drops her hand, and walks towards me. I look away. I hear him saying my mind when he gets close, but I ignore it. It sounds so right when his voice says my name. My heart stops, and the air catches in my throat. My body yearns to feel his touch. His finger gently wipes away the tears that have fallen down my face.

He grabs my hand, and tries to pull me up. I don’t move. I stay sittin on the ground. His arms wrap around me in an embrace. Everywhere he touches me it feels like I have been set on fire. Without me telling them to, my arms slowly rise and wrap themselves around his shoulders. It feels so right being here in his arms.

And then her high, squeaky voice ruins my fantasy. For once I just want it to be me and him; no girlfriend to ruin the perfect moment. I tell him I’m going to be fine, and he untangles himself from me. He walks away with her, holding her hand. More tears escape my eyes. Why does he make me love him?

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Robsessed said...
Nov. 26, 2010 at 11:35 pm

One of your best pieces. I really liked it. Yearning is one of the most difficult things to experience and you explained it so well with this story.

Is the guy a friend or just some guy?

its_just_me replied...
Nov. 27, 2010 at 3:08 pm
The guy in this story is based off my friend that I have a huge crush on. I wrote this when he had a girlfriend, but they just broke up.
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