Quid Pro Quo

November 7, 2010
By Anonymous

A loud clanging noise vibrated over the PA system.

Third period was finally over, and She couldn’t have been more ecstatic. English was finally over, and She could go to precalculus, Her favorite class of the day. English was just so subjective. And during English, She was tortured with the never-ending monotony of presentations.

The day’s presentation had been on the meaning behind the character’s names in Romeo and Juliet—a perfectly dull subject on its own, without the aid of Mallory.

Mallory, She groaned in her head, ducking quickly into the girl’s bathroom before the second bell.

Mallory was…special. There simply was no other way of putting it. Mallory was one of those girls who could be pretty and likable, if it were not for one thing. Well, two things.

First of all, She could never stand Mallory’s voice—one of those high pitched, whiny voices, where one could like the person very much, if one didn’t get the urge to pull out one’s hair while listening to the person’s voice.

But much worse than that was Mallory’s inability to comprehend the social strata. Of course, She herself couldn’t claim to know all about these things, but at least She could tell that Mallory was simply embarrassing herself.

She had seen how Mallory dressed—in fact, She had been forced to look at it throughout the fifteen minute presentation. It was so unfortunate how Mallory didn’t wear anything that looked good on her; her wardrobe seemed to ultimately consist of styles that wouldn’t look good on her form even if she were the six year old meant to wear them. Her shoes were the ugliest patterns of plaid and peace signs, the hem of her jeans are an inch too short, and her shirt boasted “BFF forever”. “With whom” She would reply if She were truly heartless.

And sadly, She couldn’t dredge up names of any of Mallory’s friends. In fact, the girl seemed so friendless, that one day She was introduced to Mallory’s grandmother as her best friend. Seeing as how She had an average of one conversation with Mallory per week, She was not quite sure how she qualified for such a position.

It just went to show how clueless Mallory was over all. It had been truly painful watching Mallory joking around in her presentation to an unsmiling class, trying to pull off what the only popular kids, sitting in the back corner, could do.

But, She shook the thoughts from her head as she moved to exit her stall, with the knowledge that it was better to start thinking of Her upcoming Government test instead of the unfortunate—

“I know, what a dork. Like, I didn’t think that someone could dress worse.”

“You’re so right. And the way She thinks she’s so smart? I bet She’s just showing off—that She only knows half the material.”

“And She still thinks She’s so cool because of it! She’s just embarrassing herself.”


The two girls finished touching up their makeup and pranced off to fourth period.

She paused.

And with another loud clang, fourth period had begun.

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