What Changed our Friendship

November 5, 2010
By Steph18 BRONZE, Kimberly, Wisconsin
Steph18 BRONZE, Kimberly, Wisconsin
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Everyone knows that there are always two different sides in every story; well this one is my side. Chloe stands about 5’7”. She has long straight brown hair that just seems to flow down her back. She has brown eyes and she gets everything she wants. I on the other hand, am the total opposite of her. I stand 5’0”; my Blonde hair lies on my shoulders, and I have blue eyes and I don’t get everything I want. We have been best friend for years. We would laugh and cry together; sometimes we laughed and cried so hard that our faces turned red. But now our friendship changed because of Chad, the guy we fought over.
It was a Thursday night, and things started to change for the worst. I was sitting on my bed doing my homework when I got a text from Chloe asking me if I liked Chad. I told her that I did. Then I asked why she was asking me and if she liked him? I was curious and nervous at the same time wondering how she would reply. My phone vibrated and new text message from Chloe popped up on the screen of my phone. It said I was just wondering and yes I do. My heart started racing, as I started wondering if this was going to ruin us, like I have seen in the movie Mean Girls. Where they fight over the guy and don’t stay friends. I tossed and turned that night. I couldn’t stop thinking about the conversation Chloe and I had. The words yes I do, and Do you like Chad lingered through my head.
Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm clock annoyingly went off. I rolled over and turned off my alarm clock, got ready for school and headed for the day ahead. School was normal; it was like last night never happened, until that night at the football game. When I got to the football game, Chloe and Chad were talking and laughing.
I looked at him as his smile sparkled with the field lights reflection. His blonde hair laid perfectly to the side, his voice was to die for.
“Amanda!” I heard my name being yelled, as I walked up the bleachers. It was my friend Emily. She greeted me with her smile that always was cheek to cheek. Chad and Chloe stopped talking.
“Hey Amanda, come stand by me,” Chad said.
I thought I was going to die when he said my name. I looked at Emily and she stepped aside and said “go stand by him.”
So I went and stood by him as he turned and started talking to me and not Chloe. This aggravated Chloe. You could see the steam flowing out of her ears as a pissed off look appeared a crossed her face. He put his arm around me as the cold wind rushed past us, as he continued to try to make me laugh.
After the 3rd quarter Chloe moved down the bleachers because Chad didn’t talk with her, and she didn’t like seeing me and Chad together laughing and smiling. The 4th quarter ended and we won the game 48- 7! Chloe, Emily, Chad and I were all going to hang out at my place but at the last minute Chloe changed her mind and didn’t want to come anymore. So Chad, Emily and I hung out. After Chad and Emily left, I texted Chloe and asked if she was okay and if she was mad at me because it seemed like she was. “Shorty drop it to the ground like she aint got manners too much”… My phone went off, it was Chloe. I answered my phone.
“Hello” you could hear the anger and sadness that was in Chloe’s voice, as she started yelling in the phone.
“I’m not mad at you! Don’t worry about me! I’m fine, you got that!?”
You could tell she was choking back her tears. I didn’t respond to that, because if I did what was I suppose to say back? Whatever with a snotty voice? No, So I kept quite, and she just repeated herself, but this time she yelled with more anger then sadness.
I said “okay” because I knew she would have kept telling me the same thing over and over again.
She replied “good” and hung up on me.
The weekend was boring, but Monday came too fast, and I dreaded going to school. I felt like it was going to be different when Chloe and I saw each other, and I was right. It was extremely awkward! She wouldn’t talk to me she just stared at me once and gave me a little glare that felt like her eyes were piercing my face. I could tell she wasn’t happy to see me. I didn’t do anything, I can’t control how I feel and how he feels, but she told me she wasn’t mad, she was over it, and she’s moving on. As far as I could tell she wasn’t happy. Her face rarely held a smile when she was around me, and her eyes looked blank and zoned out. She wasn’t over it and wasn’t moving on.
“I hung out with Chad in his basement, and we watched movies.” Chloe said with a slight grin to Emily.
Emily told me what Chloe said and I felt like I got stabbed in the back from Chloe and in the heart from Chad. My insides felt like they got torn out and thrown on the ground as if all my blood left my body leaving me cold and empty. I couldn’t believe either of them would do that to me. Was Chloe trying to win this, because I don’t want to play this game. Was this supposed to be a funny game? I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. Was this just a joke? Tears started to coat my eyes. All I wanted to do was hug my pillow and let my tears out of my eyes like rain comes out of the storm clouds. My tears now over coated my eyes and they started rolling down my face as my mascara went all over around my eyes, making it look like I haven’t slept in a couple days. Later that day, Chad messaged me and said that Chloe said I was mad at them which I wasn’t mad I was disappointed and hurt. He told me those things between Chloe and him where really nothing and he told me not to worry about it. So I didn’t. I found out later that Chad liked me and was asking me out the next day. When I found this out my eyes just lit up and I started to glow. Was this really happening to me?! I couldn’t believe it. My frown turned into a smile that was from one side of my face to the other.
I couldn’t wait to go to school! I got ready and went to school early that day, as my smile never seemed to wipe off my face. I walked into the library and there Chad was. I couldn’t help but smile and play with my hair because I was nervous and excited at the same time, his blonde hair swished to the side as he looked at me and smiled.
He said to me “Amanda would you like to...”
As soon as he said that I said “yes!” I was thinking he was asking me out saying would you like to date me, but as I found out he was just asking me to go for a walk. I was humiliated! He just chuckled a little bit then we headed off into the hall. When we reached the stairs, we started walking up them, and he continued to talk about this one girl and how he really liked her. I was thinking to myself, what is going on? I thought you liked me.
Then he smiled, looked me in the eyes and said “well that girl is you. Would you like to go out with me?”
I smiled as a rush of relief came out of me and I said “yes I would.” I realized that I finally could get some stuff that I wanted. Later that day, Chloe found out that we were dating, and got over the fact that she can’t have everything she wants. She was still upset about the fact that she couldn’t have Chad, but she realized that in her fairytale life, the shoe doesn’t always fit her but someone else. We started talking again, but our friendship will never be as close as it was before Chad.

The author's comments:
I got inspired to write this piece because i beleive that a lot of girl teens go through relationship problem with their friends because of guys.

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