A Psychotic Breakdown

October 28, 2010
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Being stuck at a charter school, in the middle of nowhere: not so fun. Killing people to pass the time: psycho. Killing people who have picked on you your entire life and are hateful hags that nobody likes but are too afraid to stand up to them: now that’s fun. The only difference between those preppy little cheerleaders who think they’re better than me is that their daddy’s got them into the school. I had to work for my scholarships to be in here and I am not about to let them all walk over me when they do not know the difference between toilet paper and a tissue…no seriously the one honestly does not know the difference. Just because they are rich they think they have the right to degrade everyone of lesser riches.

The light in my room turned on at the sound of the school bell. I got up put the mandatory uniform on and did my usual dark make up. Thick eyeliner, black eye shadow, deep plum lipstick, and then I was ready to go. The previous day I was with my boyfriend, and it had made me realize how sick I am of getting pick on.

When I got down the stairs to the kitchen I was glad to see that none of those stupid heathen girls were there. Taking advantage of the time, I turned on the TV to the news rather than Gossip Girl rerun. Once I sat down a got my cereal I began to listen.
“A raise in death seems to be sweeping across the nation…” The anchorman began to announce.
“Hey, Freak.” Cassandra Moore came into the room and sat down across from me. I pointed to the screen willing her to shut up.
“Two bodies were found yesterday down by Swallow Creek. These are two more added to the serial killer sweeping across our town giving this person a total of six students who were murdered. Investigators are working on finding the suspect of the line of murders. The name of one of the victims was released as being a Caleb Andrews.”
“Oh my God, Willow, isn’t that your boyfriend?” In fact it was, I was with him till four yesterday and then I came here to study, at least, that’s what I’m going to tell the cops, and it’s the perfect alibi because nobody ever watches me.
Actually, I was the homicidal freak who killed those five kids and my boyfriend. I had slit his and his friend’s throat after they had picked on me for the way I was dressing…that happened at about twelve so I had four hours to clean up the scene I had completely forgot that his apartment had white marble floors so it took a while to make it look pristine white again. Once I had that done I had to take them out to the forest to hide their bodies. I was sloppy this time and I still had one person I needed to get so I instantly zoned and thought how I was going to get the Queen Bee to come with me.
Speak of the devil; Courtney came down the steps as I thought of her. “What’s the freak zoning about?” She asked Cassandra.
“Her boyfriend was found murdered this morning.” Cassandra said, as she rubbed my back soothingly as I put on fake tears, it was a gift that I could act so well.
“Oh shame, one less freak in the world.” I flipped her off. The knife on the table beckoned to me, it seemed to call my name and it took every fiber in my body to resist the overwhelming temptation to use it on her.
My head hurt like hell when I had woken back up, at first I thought it was another hangover, but then I realized I was not surrounded by my pink silk sheets and the smell of my French perfume. Instead I was in a dark room that smelled of damp, mucky, dead animal, and I was tied to a table.
“Morning, Sunshine.” I heard a familiar voice. When I realized it was Willow I wanted to vomit. I abominate her!
“What do you want, you freak of nature?” Willow slapped me hard across my face.
“Shut-Up!! For too long I have sat down and listened to you order everyone around, and let you bully me and walk all over me, as if I’m some kind of floor mat!”
The stinging from her slap had my cheek pulsing. My phone rang and the Katy Perry song rang throughout the old building echoing. Willow pulled my phone from my pocket. “Gay.”
I said she punched me in my stomach.

“Hello, Michael.” Willow’s face had one of the worst smiles. “Oh yeah, she’s here, but you have to come get her.” She closed my phone and tossed it across the building. “Courtney, one question before I kill you, why do you hate me so much?” She’s about to kill me and she asks me that! My mind when blank as I searched, Willow and I used to be best friends in grade school. I could not really remember why I began to hate her, other than her obvious change in fashion and attitude, but I could not remember for the life of me why I hated her so much.

“You can’t remember can you? Let me remind you.” She picked up a butter knife, the one that was sitting on our counter that morning, and she carved an M into my arm. With each drag of the knife across my skin I felt blood rush to the top of my skin, and the warm, deep red liquid ran down my arm. I blinked several times in a row to keep form screaming out and crying.
“Do you remember now?” Her voice was loud and angry.

“Michael. You…told me you liked him when I was dating him and…”I trailed off. I was being rude and heartless to her because of a boy.

“Exactly, I was only telling you as a friend and you assumed I was going to take him from you!”

“I’m sorry. I did not know.”

“Sorry isn’t good enough, Courtney. You’re evil, and there are just some things you cannot take back. You lied and spread rumors about me, and you act like you’re perfect when I should be the one hating you because you left me. Life for everyone at the school will be so much simpler if you die.” She drew back her arm to stab me but the door bust open just in time.

Michael ran toward me, but Willow put the Knife to my throat. “I will kill her!” He instantly stopped, how sweet was that?

“If you want me to let her live, then kiss me, pay me what should rightfully be mine.”

“Why? Why do you have her here?” His voice was sharp and yet questioning. Who cares, if you kiss her we are soo over!, I thought.

“I’ve loved you since the fifth grade and Courtney dated you even when she knew that I liked you. Just now I find out that she hates me because I told her I like you when she was dating you. She lied and spread tons of nasty rumors about me around the school, and then she makes personal smashes towards me.”

“So all of this is over me?”

“Yes, and she deserves to die!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as she swung back once again and then Michael stepped in front of me grabbed her hand and kissed her, right in front of me!
As soon as my lips met hers I knew that I had made the wrong choice back in eighth grade. Her lips were soft and silky and when I pulled away I realized I wanted more. She was so intoxicating. When I looked at her face though she was crying and before I knew it she had stabbed herself. “I’m sorry.” Were her last words, and resisted the urge to go to her side. I quickly went to get Courtney untied. She swung her arms around me and her familiar embrace and the touch of her body against mine, was no longer as comforting or welcoming.
“Thank you, so much, Baby.” She kissed me and unlike Willow’s, it was flat, cold, and dead of emotion. Her kiss held no life, it was dull, and boring compared to the explosion of Willow’s. “Thank God she’s dead. I’m so glad you came to save me!” After Courtney said that a spark of rage set off inside me and I realized Willow was right about her, she did deserve to die. I grabbed a shard of metal off the floor.
“I am not.” I said as I shoved the metal into her stomach.
“But…I’m pretty.” Those were her shallow last words as she bled out and I could hear her blood choking her until finally all went silent. A pool of blood surrounded her body, and blood made her shirt permeable causing the white to go to dark red.
I walked over to Willow’s body lying on the floor, and sat beside her and held her hand. “I’m so sorry, Willow. I wish I would have known I wish I would have stopped all those people from picking on you.” I bent down and kissed her lifeless lips once again. After that the tears came down my face without control, and the pain of Willow’s loss welled up inside me causing me to lean over her body and cry until I heard the alarm of a police car.
When the cops came in and demanded to know what happened I told him that I killed them both and all the others, so that Willow’s record would stay clear and her parents would not have to remember their daughter as a murderer. That was the least I could do for Willow as a token of the love I never got to show her.

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