The Junk Yard

October 26, 2010
By Jasmine Harter BRONZE, Westdale, New York
Jasmine Harter BRONZE, Westdale, New York
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I’m running, I’m running for dear life. The wind is piercing my face. My hair is whipping my ears and my eyes making it hard to see. My name is Amelia Clark. I’m 9 years old but very mature for my age; at least that’s what Daddy says. I’m running from Lucifer and Scarecrow, my dogs.
They found a raccoon with rabies and it bit them so now they have rabies and I was the closest thing to them. I live in the Junk Yard with my Dad, some people call him Robby. I live in the state of New York, right outside of New York City. Since I live in the Junk Yard there are a lot of places to hide but I always took Scarecrow and Lucifer so they know all of them.
Suddenly an idea popped into my head, “I should run to the vet!” I thought. So I ran as fast as I could and eventually got to the vets it was called, “Joe’s, I Care” I ran in with the dogs on my tail and run into Joe’s office. Joe asks,
“What did you do this time Amelia?”
“Hey!” I replied. “This time it’s not my fault.”
“Oh really?”
“Yes” I nearly screamed.
Then Scarecrow pounced at me. I’m so glad I have really good reflexes. Joe saw the dogs and muttered something under his breath that I couldn’t catch.
Then Joe took out a needle and stuck it in Scarecrow in the shoulder then Scarecrow laid down. He did the same thing for Lucifer. Then he took out another needle. My guess was that it was a vaccine for rabies. He gave it to both of them.
“You know I’m going to have to call your Dad about this.” He expressed.
All I could think of to say was, “All great” “And there will be a bill”
O boy! Yeah the title does not fit at all, “Joe’s, I Care” Does Not.
My Dad owns the Junk Yard and let me tell you it does not pay well at all. So don’t become one when you grow up. My Dad had to pick us up (Us as in the dogs and I) My Dad has Brown Curly Short Hair. Like mine, but mine is a lot longer. He has tan skin, just like me, and brown eyes, unlike me. I have my Mother’s eyes, Baby Blue, or as my Dad refers to them as blue and deep as the ocean.
My Mother died only a week after I was born. She was very ill, she had cancer. The doctors say it was lucky that I didn’t have it.
That’s all I know about her, Dad doesn’t like to talk about her much. Only a little bit, like sometimes I say something like, “That’s as pink as a pig” then he’d say, “You sound just like your mother.” I’d always tell him thanks after that. We don’t really talk much. This has actually been a pretty neutral day today.
Later, when my Dad went to get groceries, I decided I was going to go outside. I walked outside and froze. There was a boy standing there with MY door to MY fort. It was my favorite door; it was baby blue, my favorite color.
I yelled, “Hey! That’s my Dad’s! Give it back!” Then he began to run. So I began to run. I was a lot faster than him but something was weird about him. He had bruises on his arm, a hand print.
And I saw dog bites on his hand and foot. He looks about 7 years old maybe. I decided to stop. He probably needs it more than me.
“Wow” I thought to myself.
“That was the first time I shared anything since I’m an only child and let alone the only child in a 20mile distance. He probably walked a long way to get that door.”
“I shared” I said aloud this time.


When I got home I couldn’t wait to tell Dad what I did. He wasn’t home yet so I decided to go on my round-a-bouts.
I walked past the abandoned ice-cream truck, through the old and worn tires, and around the bend when I feel like someone is watching me. I swirled around and saw a raccoon.
It’s a scrawny little thing! I took a step closer and it took a step closer too! It was filthy too, and very hungry. I ran inside because in fear that that was the same raccoon that gave my dogs the rabies. I sure hope not. And sure enough it was. I saw foam coming from its mouth.
I screamed, I was petrified. It tried gnawing at the door. I grabbed a bat and the phone I called Joe’s but there was no answer.
I called my dad’s cell phone.
“Hey Amelia, what’s up?”
“Daddy! There’s a rabid raccoon outside. I believe it gave our dogs the rabies too.”
“Stay inside Amelia, I’m on my way.”
Twenty minutes later my dad pulls into the drive way and I run to him without thinking. My dad grabs his gun and points it at the raccoon’s foamy head. Just before he pulls the trigger the raccoon bites him. He yelps like a dog. The raccoon starts gnawing on his leg. Pretty soon I see his bone. I puked.
“Amelia, go get the gun above the sink doorway.” He yelled, agonized.
I ran as fast as I could trying not to puke again, and was unsuccessful.
I grabbed the gun pointed it just like my daddy taught me and BOOM the head comes off. It was macabre. I run inside and dial Susan’s number (The doctor)
she asks, “Is your father up to driving?”
“No, Ma’am”
“I’ll have to do a house visit, but if its as bad as you say it is, I’m afraid he’s not going to make it.”
“Don’t say that, my dads a trooper”
“I should be on my way then.”
I was nearly in tears. My dad asked me to come over there. He’s lost a lot of blood but, I reluctantly went over there.
He said, “Amelia, are you listening to me? ’Cause this is important, I need to tell you about your mother. She’s not dead. Should be, but she isn’t.
She wasn’t walking out on you but on me. Amelia, no matter what happens tonight I will always love you.”
“What? Where is she? How old is she? Do I have any brothers or sisters? Dad?”
“Ah, last I heard she was in Australia, she’s now 36, and no you have no other brothers or sisters from my knowledge.”
“Last question, what’s her name?”
He passed out. I screamed. The doctor came just as I screamed.
She asked, “What’s wrong?”
“He passed out” All of a sudden he said, “Madeline Finings”
She looked at me with apologetic eyes. “I’m sorry, I was too late. He lost too much blood. Please come with me.” I had a vacant stare. I was gaping for air.
What kind of sick joke was this? My mothers alive? My fathers dead? My dogs are where? “Where are Scarecrow and Lucifer?” I asked. “They’re still in your father’s truck, may I use the phone?”
“Sure, what for?”
“I must inform the police of this iniquitous incident.”
As soon as she was in I grabbed the door handle of my father’s truck. The dogs bolted out, I told them to stay, and they did. I went inside and grabbed enough food that’ll last for at most 2 weeks as quietly as I could.
I departed out of the Junk Yard with my 2 dogs at my heel. This idea is one I am not to sure about, but I knew one thing, I am not, will not go into foster care.

The Summer Breeze

As I run I cry, as I cry I laugh, as I laugh I cough. This is the new circle of life for me I guess. I knew where I was headed. To the airport. To Australia.
I run to flee from foster care. I cry for the loss of my father. I laugh because of how stupid I am to run away. I cough because I was crying too hard.
My dogs begin to whimper from hunger. Good thing I brought dog food. They ate it like it was the last Christmas present under the Christmas tree. It was June, the beginning of summer.
And where was I to enjoy it, oh yeah on the highway running for my life. But that summer breeze is like 1,000 rays of sunshine piercing the very ground I walk on. The airport is 30 miles by car so I would give myself a day to get there mainly because I have a low stamina and would take me a day to get there.
When night grows I find the perfect resting place. A huge haystack was on the left side of the road. It was a nice resting place for Lucifer, Scarecrow, and I to rest our heads.
When morning breaks through, I wake up to the sunlight warming my face. I told the dogs, “Breakfast time boys!”
I brought 2 loaves of bread, 2 canisters of water, 4 zip-lock baggies full of dog food, and 4 apples. I ate one apple and that filled me up, thank goodness.
I certainly didn’t want to waste all my food on one meal.
The dogs shared a bag full of dog food. As soon as we were done we headed out, again.
“About 20 miles left”
I said to them as the sun was in a full roar. I had no way of telling the time but, I think we are on a good track because I believe that when the sun is right on top of my head that means it’s noon.
Hopefully. About another 1 hour later a car came into my view. I stared at it until I realized that the car had flashing red and blue lights! I swoop into the forest with my dogs on my heels. I found a hole big enough for all three of us. We dove in just as the cop came to a slow idle.
We had to hide in that hole of ½ hour before it was safe.
“That was an unexpected delay or should I say waste of time.” I announced mainly to myself.
I slowly come out like as a deer would right after a hunter has left the area. When I saw that the coast was clear I ran toward the airport. I ran for so long that my knees began to shake. But I still will run. 30 minutes of pure running later, the airport came into my sight.

Airport Run

I ran into the airport with big hopes and dreams. Little did I remember about the ticket prices. I began to cry. I hate crying. It makes me feel weak. It’s useless to cry. All it is whining that makes people feel sorry for you. Hey, but it helped.
“Hello little lady. My name is Joe. May I help you in some sort of way?”
I looked at him. He had cheetoes in his beard, a beer gut, and a mushroom top hair-do.
“Unless you have a free plane that could take me to Australia.”

“Why, matter of fact I do. You see this airport; this is what I call the Airport Run. You want to know why? Because if you run in the plane at just the right time, they won’t check your ticket until they get to their destination. And by then, you run. You understand? Now when I say chicken, you will run onto the plane destined to go to Australia, you hear?”
“I understand”
“Good, so… CHICKEN!!!”
I ran, I ran like crazy. That crazy old man was right; they didn’t check my ticket, yet that is. It was 6:12am according to the clock and we were two-thirds of the way there. My dogs were in with the cargo. I hope they’re alright.
I decided to go check on them. They were real happy to see me. I fed them each a bag of dog food. They ate it greedily. That was the last of the dog food though. I sat with my dogs until they said,
“We are beginning our descent, and will everyone please take their seats.”
I reluctantly went to my seat. When we touch ground, I grabbed my dogs and they knew we had to scram so we began to flee.
“I can’t believe we’re in Australia.”
I had a determined mind. My daddy used to say I was as stubborn as a newborn foal.
I still can’t grasp that I’m never going to see him, ever. I began to weep. What a girl. I was never one of those girls who cry every 10 seconds. But I think I deserve to cry right now. I went to the local library as soon as I was done with my melt down.
I typed in the name “Madeline Finings” and found 2 links. One was a face book profile link. The other was a link to the link had her address and cell phone number. Her number read; 845-776-3298. Her address told me;
854 N. Reunion Ave 12654
I was frantic. I had to find fifty cents so I could use the pay phone outside. I decided to try that crying thing again. I began to think about my dad, his face, his hair, and his eyes. I began to ball.
Some lady came up to me and asked,
“Is everything alright? Can I help you with something?”
“I need fifty cents to call my mom.” I said through tears.
“My daddy just died.”
I began to wail. She pulled out fifty cents,
“Hear you go, you poor thing. Do you mind if I stay with you until you get a hold of her?”
“Sure, I guess.”
We walked outside to the pay phone.
“What’s your name?” she asked.
I was deliberating whether I should lie or tell the truth.
“Amelia.” I decided to say.
I dialed the number. Too excited to focus on anything else.
The lady’s cell phone started to ring. I looked at her.
“Aren’t you going to answer that?”
“Sure.” She answered the phone.
At the same time the ringing phone in my ear stopped.
At the same time my mother said hello. “Madeline”
I said fearlessly. “Yes, wait how did you know my name?” I gulped. “Hang up the phone.” She did and so did I.
“Madeline Fining, you are my mother.” She dropped her cell phone. The first thing she said was, “Robby’s dead?”
“Yes” I said through tears. Lucifer and Scarecrow came to comfort me.

The Cold Hard
“I don’t know what to say.”
I could think of a few. O my you’re my daughter. Or I’ve missed you or how are you. At least act like you care. I was really angry and I’m not sure why. Well, she did abandon me.
“So, you’re my mother?”

“Shh.” She urged.

“Why, mom? Huh? Mom?” I nearly yelled.
She put her hand over my mouth.
“Amelia, can we talk some where more private?”
“Sure.” I said under her hand.
We went to the nearest restaurant that allowed dogs, Australia is weird. I was appreciative when we were out of the scorching sun. We sat down right under the air conditioner.
“How did you get here?”
“Robby left you money?” I hesitated.
“Not exactly, I sort of just hitched a ride on the plane going to Australia”
“I see, and how did you get to the airport?”
“I ran”
“You’re too honest for your own good.
How did you plan on finding me? What if I didn’t have a cell phone?” I deliberated her words very carefully to come up with the right answer. “I guess I just went with my instincts.” Her eyes got big. “You trusted your instincts, you could have died!” “No.” “What?” “I have Lucifer and Scarecrow” She groaned
I couldn’t help smiling. She looked away from me. I grimaced. “What did I do now?” “Oh nothing, you just look a lot like Robby.” She began to weep. Eventually she stopped. “There’s something I have to tell you. Amelia, I’m not sure you can live with me.” I was disorientated for a moment.
When I finally recovered I asked, “Why? I’m your daughter. You neglected me once, but twice?!”

“ Amelia it’s not like I can just drop everything since you came, I had a life too you know. A job, husband, a dog, a child. I said I’m not sure; I have to talk to your stepdad. His name is John, just to let you know.” She pulled out her cell phone and pressed speed dial.
“Hey John, will you meet me at ‘Sandy’s Joint’ for me. I have a little surprise for you. I’m not sure if you’re going to like it or not… uh huh well okay… seeing you in a few.” The restaurants name is ‘Sandy’s Joint’. John arrived 5 minutes later. Before he got out of the car my mom said, “Hey Amelia, will you go into the bathroom for a second, that way we won’t startle him right off?”
“Sure, I guess.” I rambled to the bathroom to wait. While I was in there, I got really bored. Now keep in mind, I am only 9 and I’m not always mature for my age. I took the toilet paper and stuffed it into the toilet; I wanted to see what would happen. I kept stuffing it till there was no more toilet paper. I tried to discard the evidence by flushing the toilet. Well I know not to do that again. BOOM! Water everywhere, mainly on the ground.

Now it might just be my imagination running wild but, I think I hissed at me. I was trying to stop the water by shutting it but I ended up falling on my behind. I was soaked.

The author's comments:
This is only 5 chapters of my real book.

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