Slowly Falling

October 20, 2010
“ I Can feel you slipping”

“ So why not save me”

“ I don’t know how love, your falling, falling to quickly. I feel your heart as it gets soaked in sadness. I feel your pulse at it races to the pressure. Worst of all I can see it. I can see your soul crying for help and I can watch it shatter. But I have no power. I see the pieces fall to the floor. I see you try to pick them up. Than the darkness lingers in your mist and I see him as he consumes you making you blind to not be able to fix what had just been broken.”

She remains broken and no one is here to help her. She is so lost and in so much pain that the only thing worst than life is not death. The worst thing is breathing. Every bright day brings upon the worst. The conspiracy remains to destroy her. Lungs tighten at the thought of memories. Trying to fix this place is a wish. And so she went on to dream. Dreams of a tale that was bright in her heart. The beauty that was once there. The life to yet begin. Dead. It died quickly on that first step for success. Life and its selfish humors torments her. Giving her hope that is not truly there. Giving her what she’ll never find. Taking away what she never kept.

“ I am Blind to a cold world. A world that is slowly breaking me cold heartedly. This place has demons. These demon hurt. They are my demons, yet they hurt me. I own them. They are mine. They torment me yet even more. Why must life taunt the taunted enough. Why?”

So she cries. She is crying out for salvation. She is reaching out for someone to hold on to. Those who gave her a hand pulled it away. She was a fool. And she still is. Her future slips away as she takes a last breath. The air of life pumps her heart at a faster pace as it slowly falls to pieces. She has no hope. She feels no faith. All she has is a cold dark room. Locked away. Beneath the world. So she looks up and see them. People with sweet life. Wish so much to be like them. Wishing that on of them is an angel here to give her a chance. But they walk by her. They go on their way. And she is left behind. Eyesight begins to go away. And so she wishes.

“I only wish what I feel is right.. I wish what my dreams allow me to see and I wish what life has yet to give me.. But what’s use of a life that is empty.. like throwing a blind man in a darkened room telling him to find the light switch that doesn't exist for your own selfish humor.. So you say to feel for the switch. The switch was never there. Was a empty hole left the to execute him. That blind man searched for hope in that darkened room. But he was defied. He was tricked. He was promised a chance to see the light when he found the switch. But the light he seeped was not what he received. The light he gain was a shock to the end of his life. He died a wondering stranger in a room that no one found. So his body lays there and the darkness mocks him. The darkness that consumes me also laughs as I head for the blind mans path”

So she breaks. At that moment she falls to the ground in her demise. And her life slowly slips into the darkness. And it too tries to find that life. Just like the old man. Her soul is stuck searching for the light switch. Poor souls will never find peace. They will never find the light they wish so hard for. And she slowly dies..

…..I slowly die.

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writergirl13 said...
Nov. 11, 2010 at 6:45 pm
Congratulations. You have taken your first steps to greatness. This just grabbed my heart and is still holing it tightly, even after I stopped reading. This really is very amazing and very inspirational! Please check out and comment on some of my work.
The_Squirrel said...
Nov. 10, 2010 at 11:10 pm
Beautiful. I think many teens can connect, even if thye don't want to admit it, at least not to parents or friends. I think if they could know they're not alone, it would help. It helped me.
Coop123 said...
Nov. 10, 2010 at 3:08 pm
HARDCORE!!! i liked it! Really pretty
Macx14 said...
Nov. 9, 2010 at 4:11 pm
Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful!! Great job!
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