Time ticks away

October 20, 2010
I look at her seems like just yesterday, she came home from the hospital so fragile and breakable. So innocent yet now five years later so full of wonder and adventure. Ready to explore. So full of questions yet so naive! Not a care in the world. Flash forward ten years later. She's a teenager now looks just as innocent as back them. But among the those lines. Nobody body see's who she has become. Someone that looks in the mirror and look at her seen with such curiosity. She looks in wonder, is that really her. Look how much she's grow so big and strong. With eyes as blue as the sky. Curly blond hair flows her back. She's a spitting image of what I used to. She's me!!

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blondeballerina said...
Nov. 8, 2010 at 6:09 pm
Just be careful with your grammar, other than that fantastic!
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