Through the years your never alone

October 24, 2010
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The weeks feel like centuries and the days feel like years. Full of pressure, stress, and drama. This is a time in your life where you feel like your on your own completely lonely and confused. You have plenty of trustworthy friends and a loving family but you still feel like your alone on everything you are going through. You are in the process of making a great education and a fufilled sucessful life. So why is it so hard to get through it all? These are the four long years of your highschool experience. Going to school for six dreadful hours learning new concepts, knowing you have so much work to do after that last bell rings at 2:05. Trying to mentally plan the rest of your day but can't fit anything else into your schedule. By three o'clock you have sports and you are expected to go with full energy, a clear mind, and a true love for the game. At the end of the day we have parents and coaches saying "just have fun out there" but is that what they really mean to say. Going through the tough practices full of blood and sweat. All you can hear are the coaches calling out to you for all of your faults you have made and the skills you are lacking. Knowing in the back of your head your main goal is to make your parents proud. By six you are mentally and physically exhausted and you have another late night of your eyes glued to your homework and fighting to stay awake. Never mind the "cliques" going on at school. In my view all that cliques are about is different people, different interests, and different hobbies. But no, through the eyes of teens its either their ability at sports, their looks, or their intellegence. If that's not enough to think about try adding a job to the mix for minimum wage happy to buy one shirt at the mall after a week. I'll never forget the words I've been told to many times by the people in my life who have been through highschool for a while now."Highschool is the best four years of your life, I'd go back there anyday". I beg to differ on that statement. But what if what they say is true. What if all of the things we go through now prep you for later in life. What if highschool is a smaller version of the real world. We have people we may not like, we learn to find who we can trust, we find what are abilities and strength
s are and we succeed. What if one day we will be sharing those few words with our children telling them to hang there, and that it will all be worth it in the end. Time can only tell us and answer our questions on why things happen the way they do. Maybe, just maybe I will one day wish to revisit these years but for now all I can do is work my way through the years. Into the stressful and difficult weeks of highschool, which might just turn into the easiest chapter of my life.

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