November 4, 2010
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Amy walked into the humid aquatic center at Appleton West High School exhausted from a long day of school. She felt very dizzy because she didn’t have time to eat lunch due to the stress of her classes. She wiped her forehead as a thin sheet of sweat developed on her face. It seemed to Amy that the temperature in the pool area wasn’t its comfortable warm that day as she gathered her long brown hair into a ponytail. Her chocolate brown eyes focused on her coach observing the dedicated swimmers.

“How was school today?” Mr. Zepka, Amy’s swim coach asked as she approached him.

“It was awful,” Amy answered honestly. She knew she didn’t have to lie to her beloved swim coach. She was already late to swim practice, so she rushed to the locker room and changed in her colorful one-piece swim suit as fast as she could.

When she was back in the pool and approached her usual lane, she watched her teammates swim their laps. Watching them swim made Amy even dizzier as they did their quick flip turns. Amy began to put on her swim cap when her body started to sway because she was having trouble focusing. She put her hand in front of her face to make sure that she wasn’t going crazy, and noticed that it looked like she had 3 different hands. She assumed that she had to be going mad, but she reasoned that she was probably just dehydrated.

“I think I need some water,” Amy said to herself. Everyone else was already swimming, and she was sure her swim coach would get mad at her if she didn’t get in the pool soon. She tried to walk as fast as she could to the drinking fountain. That wasn’t a very good idea because suddenly Amy was having trouble seeing, and strange black dots started to cloud her vision. The heat in the pool, and her lack of energy caused her to faint on the cool hard tile.

A few hours later, Amy woke up in a plain white room. All she could hear was a quiet beeping. She was instantly confused, but the recent events that lead up to her fainting came back to her.

“Oh!” Amy exclaimed as she sat up, realizing that she had to be in a hospital room. Her speculation was proven when she saw that she was wearing a plain white gown with no back, and that she was hooked up to an IV. She searched the room for another person, but found that it was empty. However, not long after her search, a scowling nurse came in.

“Good. You’re awake,” She said in an unimpressed tone. “You should eat something.” In her hands was a tray of watery mashed potatoes and a thin slice of turkey. It didn’t look very appetizing, but as soon as she set the tray in front of Amy, she inhaled the food in a matter of seconds. The food was dreadful, but Amy started to feel a lot better and less weak.

“Dr. Bond will be with you in a few minutes,” The nurse said to Amy in a disgusted tone. She looked at Amy’s empty tray and muttered something unintelligible as she walked out of the room. Amy just rolled her eyes.

After a few minutes, Amy heard a quiet knock on the door. The next thing Amy knew was that she was gasping because of who had entered through the door. In walked the most gorgeous man Amy has ever seen. He had to be around 6 feet tall and had the darkest brown hair and the bluest eyes Amy has ever seen. He looked to be around 30 years old. When she realized that she was gasping, Amy immediately covered her mouth and blushed with embarrassment.

“I’m glad your awake, Amy,” He smiled at Amy which caused her to almost faint due to the fact that he had the deepest dimples.

“I…err…me too,” Amy stammered, and blushed again. She almost slapped herself for sounding like an idiot. She smoothed her hair down in hope of taming the bed head she was sure she had.

“Amy,” he started. Amy loved the way he said her name. “You really need to remember to eat, and always drink water every day. Don’t overdo it because you could really damage your body.”

“I promise I’ll eat and drink next time,” Amy responded like a good student. “I was just…stressed.”

“I know you didn’t do it on purpose. Next time just try to remember to eat. I only want you to stay healthy,” Dr. Bond said. “Well it seems your back to normal. You can go home in a half hour. Your parents are out in the waiting room.”

“Okay! Thanks Doctor Bond,” Amy answered, smiling.

“You can call me Drew,” he responded. He gave Amy’s head a light pat.

“Thanks Drew,” Amy responded, but almost fainted again. He left the room, and Amy let out a big sigh of frustration hoping he would have stayed a little bit longer.

Forty five minutes later, Amy was in the car with her parents getting lectured on eating, and how her behavior today was very unlike her. Amy always eats a ton, so it was very strange to her parents that she didn’t take care of herself. Instead of listening, Amy just stared out the window because she couldn’t focus on anything but Drew Bond. There was one thing that she was positive of: Amy would do what Drew asked of her to do by remembering to eat even if she was stressed, however somehow she would find a way to see Dr. Drew Bond again.

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