Casanova Chapter 2

October 31, 2010
By SearchingTheSoul BRONZE, Martin, Tennessee
SearchingTheSoul BRONZE, Martin, Tennessee
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"And those are the words of a gentleman. From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry. "

Collin sat in his 27th floor office, his desk was rather neat for a male, sitting properly with a smile across his face that seemed to be misleading. Beth looked at him her honey brown eyes dancing across his smile her head tilted to one side. "So you were telling me the truth when you said knew where this was." He leaned across the desk his hand extented out for her.
"Ms Beth its nice to meet you I am the company owner of Chicago Suntimes. You can call me Collin." She smiled her bright straight teeth showing more now,
"Yes i know this you already told me your name but you forgot the part about being the owner of Chicago Suntimes...." He smiled and sat back in his chair folding his arms his green eyes looking at her with interest.
"Now about your you have references Ms Beth?" Beth's hands fumbled around in her bag as she glanced up to his eyes then down to the leather bag,
"...I um... yes I have several as well as pieces from the newspaper I use to work for." Collin leaned forward resting on his elbows keeping his eyes on her longer then what he normally would but this wasn't a normally case. This was his new game and he was going to play it for all it was worth. She laid the stack of newspapers on one side then the list of references on the oppsite side. He looked at both stacks then lifted up the references, his finger rested on his chin as he read through them, hardwork, he could see that, always on time never late, could see that, would do anything for the newspaper. With this his smiled went to a grin, now this was something he could use. Of course Beth couldn't see his grin she could only see the back of the paper and his fingers wrapped around the sides of the references.
"...Mr Collin it goes in order from my most recent references all the way to my highschool newspapers." Collin peered around the paper slowly nodding,4
"Hmm I see Ms Beth..." He set the references down and picked up the top newspaper reading her column, great writer....really interesting writer.... He shook his head, "Ms Beth you writing style in rather unique, its all very impressive...but I don't know if we have room for another writer..."

Beth sat in shock her honey brown eyes looking around trying to gather herself, that wasnt what she wanted to hear she wanted to hear him say 'your a great writer we would love to have you on bored with us..' She bit her lip looking up at Collin then shook her head, "...Mr Collin please, you dont understand what this paper could do for me....I told you that I come from a small town, there is nothing there and I have nothing there... I came here with the money I saved up with my small job...I can write I can do anything in this office that you want but I really need this job please if you could just reconsider...rethink....You may not care but please..." The look he got from her gave him, the hardass player goosebumps. He leaned his arm against the desk his eyes wondering the room making it look like he was thinking long and hard about what he was going to do, she was falling right into his trap. He could do this he could really play this girl this would be his new and best game yet.
"Ms Beth, you have yourself a job, be here tomorrow morning 8 o'clock sharp. Dont let me hear of you being late. Meet with Megan outside this office and she will get you all taken care of. You will be working with her until a spot is open for a writer." Beth's face lite up like fourth of July.
"Oh my goodness, Thank you, thank you Mr Collin, i promise you wont regret this..." Collin just smiled and thought to himself your damn right I wont, if only you knew Ms Beth...if only you knew...

Collin went out drinking after a long day of doing nothing. That is why he enjoyed his job so much, he didnt do anything but hire and fire people. He was rather good at both of them. He walked into the club and looked around attracting all the ladies, he was good at that too. He smiled wrapping both his arms around two different girls necks walking them to the bar yelling at the bartender for drinks for not only him but the two young red heads.One thing was on his mind even as he drank and danced with these two women what would it be like to do this with Beth. His mind wonder farther then before. So he called it a early night and went home for some rest.

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