Defying Gravity

October 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Bridgette always wanted to do something great, something huge in her life. But she could never find what was missing. Participating in every activity she could, made her always busy. She would try out for everything: soccer, basketball, softball, cheerleading, swimming, dancing, marching band, glee club. Her mother would always yell at her saying, “You don’t have time for homework when you have activities every night. You are going to fail out of school.” Boy, was she wrong. See Bridgette was a straight A student ever since kindergarten. It would be impossible for her to ever fail a class.
And talking about class, she and her family are probably the classiest people in the whole town. They live in a huge mansion that sits on a hill where you can see for miles and miles. Her mother and father are both doctors and have a huge income. This results with Bridgette and her three siblings always getting what they want. But that’s not the only thing that comes with the package. There are so many rules they have to follow. “Don’t touch that picture.” “Don’t pet the dog.” “Don’t leave a mess.” “Don’t expect me to care for you, that’s the maid’s job.”
But the day that Bridgette figured her life was not satisfying was when something horrible happened to her. Wearing the new in style clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch that her father bought her the night before, she unpacked her bag at her locker, waiting for her popular friends to show up. Suddenly from the crowd of people in the hallway her best friend, Olivia, showed up looking mad.
“What’s wrong, your daddy didn’t buy you that Tiffany’s charm bracelet you wanted? Boo who! Face it your parents don’t have enough money.” exclaimed Bridgette.
“Bridgette Claire Riley, you never talk to me like that again.” shouted Olivia, so the whole hallway could hear her. Olivia was always the shy type, but she was still popular.
“Calm down! I was just joking. What has gotten in to you?” Bridgette questioned.
“Well the girls and I had a conference and realized your money has really gotten to your head.” explained Olivia.
“So what does this mean?” Bridgette’s heart was racing so fast. She knew exactly what it meant. But just couldn’t believe it was coming from Olivia’s mouth.
“You are being kicked out of our group.”
With tear filled eyes she slammed her locker and ran to the bathroom. She realized now that she had to quit all the activities she signed up with her friends. This would be the hardest thing she would ever have to go through in her high school career.
Instead of going to class she went straight to the office where she asked for a pass to go see all of the teachers and coaches that she needed to talk to. They all said the same thing “Sorry for the inconvenience, maybe next year.”
By the time the day was over, Bridgette never wanted to go back to school. When her butler came to pick her from school he asked, “Ms. Riley why are you so down? I have never seen you like this. And why don’t you have practice today?” She explained
everything, and I mean everything, until the car stopped at the front door of the mansion. “Honey, don’t worry something will come up.” Oh and it did.

From then on at school she wore regular teenage clothes and did not care what she looked like. She talked to a new group of girls and didn’t brag about her money. And her life at home changed too. She no longer obeyed proper rules, or care what her mother thought. Even her grades started to slack because of her careless ways. But to top it all off, Bridgette signed up for a club that changed her whole life.

This consisted of taking a trip to Mount Everest and climbing the whole way up to the top. Bridgette was always afraid of heights so her family thought it was the worse idea ever. But now that she was a so called rebel she could care less what they thought. Then she thought of her home, family and what would happen if Olivia didn’t confront her. And also what would happen if her butler didn’t tell her to keep trying. But she knew that her life will never be the same because she conquered everything she could. She was officially defying gravity.

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