Crying Upon Her

October 19, 2010
Reminding her of the water it once was; as she was left to die, and her water never returned. Dreams unwinding at the touch and of reality, she no longer felt the water... for it became snow. The lukewarm water she once loved and enjoyed has now turned cold, and distant. A touch she did not recognize, a feel she did not like. It was hard, and made her fingers numb until they hurt. It was a sad touch, a lonely feeling. Not like the touch of water. Her favorite. A soft warm, inviting touch. The feeling of love. The feel of eternity. As if it could never end because even when she'd stick her hand through the thin layer of water in a river, pond, pool. She still felt it. It went on for what seemed like forever. Where happiness would never stop. But it had to stop, and she knew that. She was just afraid. Afraid to let go of the water she loved so very much. Because when winter comes, water becomes snow, ice. The water loved winter and did not love her. That made her sad. It broke her heart, shattered it into pieces. Because, she...could never have what she wanted. She could never be happy. All she could do is cry. At the touch of reality, her water became snow. And she was forgotten. Left alone and heartbroken. Although it was cold, she hoped for the day the ice would melt and her lukewarm water would return to embrace her. But she waited, and waited and nothing happened. Every night she dreamed, her body shaking from the falling snow.?

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