Agnes and Luc

November 2, 2010
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In a small house with a rickity old fence, white, out front, dead badly mown grass and in dire need of a paint job, a small old women looked out her sitting window onto the street. This Women’s name was Agnes, she lived by herself twenty-two and a half miles away from the closest grocery store, she was eighty-seven and her two biggest fears in life were people and germs. When she left the house, which was almost never, she would bring a big wooden bat with her. His name was Luc.
Earlier that day she had been making a sugar free chocolate cake when she looked in her fridge and found no milk. Usually she would have the Safeway delivery truckling but there was no time for that today, it was Lucs birthday.
The only reason she would ever even think of leaving her house was for this reason and this reason only. She was very afraid as she slowly pulled open the door, it creaked and screeched in denial but she pulled it open just wide enough for her to fit out. She didn't want all of those gross germs and dust inside her house because Luc was highly allergic to dust of any kind and it seemed to stick to him for some reason. As she stepped outside the door, Luc was by her side, ready to help protect her from the little devil children in her neighborhood. She ran from her door to the station wagon, filled with gas, ready to make the journey with her, and quickly shut the car door as though she was being chased and looked around frightenedly.
Off she went twenty-two and a half miles to the grocery store; the road was windy and curvy and reminded her of a bad time of her life. She watched the oak trees, mobile homes and fences go by with unease, but whenever a car passed, she stiffened up in surprise as though she hadn't been expecting it.
At mile thirteen a squirrel ran out in front of her car and it got away safely but she had screeched to a halt and was breathing heavily, even more agitated with Adrenalin coursing through her. It took nearly fifteen minutes to slow her breathing but the adrenaline was still there
Speeding now, she drove recklessly, thinking again of how ridiculous her hair looked. Once she reached down town, she froze. This was way too many people, dogs and drooling babies. she got honed at only 4 times between entering town and getting into the parking lot. She parked in the handy capped area, even though she was not handy capped, because it was the closest spot to the entrance as she walked in, the noise of the automatic doors startled her caused her to fall and twist her ankle, because of her arthritis, walking was quite painful in the first place but twisting her ankle on top of that? She let out a cry of pain and disgust as she fell to the floor.
One of the Safeway employees saw this happen and rushed to try and help her up but Agnes didn't like this one tiny weenie bit. Because of her phobia of germs and people, she was in the worst situation imaginable, sitting on the ground with people watching her.
She lay on the ground in an awkward sitting position that she had fallen into. Her eyes widened in fear as the employee came, she made some movement to try and get away.
“Can I he--” he started saying, but cut himself off as he saw she was holding a wooden bat, and slowly backed away leaving her alone with only Luc to help her up.
That was all poor old Angus's body could deal with, she took one last breath, and passed out on the concrete. She never made it inside Safeway.
She woke up two weeks later in the county hospital, with no memory except that she needed to go out and buy a half gallon of fat-free milk.
The nice people working at the hospital had been such dolls to her since she had woken up, they’d even brought her car back from Safeway for her because she was not allowed to drive for three months, or until she took her driver’s test again.
On her way home she chatted up with the driver who was bringing her home. He was a nice man named Jim and she invited him over for a birthday party for Luc, but he couldn’t stay, he was still on his shift. In the end Luc had the birthday party of his dreams. And his favorite! Chocolate cake.

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