The Story of Roy

October 28, 2010
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I was the runt of the pack, the 6th of 7 puppies. One day I noticed some of my brothers and sisters disappearing until I was the last one left. I was lonely and forgotten, so I ran away. I ended up in the care of a nice woman named Samantha. When she brought me home I realized that this was not a regular home her and her son, Liem, had some disabilities. From that moment on, everything turned upside down.
At first, they kept me in the house but never let me outside. Of course that didn’t work because a dog has to do his business if you know what I’m saying. So because I went to the bathroom in the house they put me outside all the time and very seldom fed me. Eventually, they locked me in the shed with no windows, food, water, or toys. Eventually I got soars all over my body and my bones became weak and brittle. I became very light in weight and u could see all of my bones. It smelled very bad after my soars got infected and bugs got to them. Eventually I wanted to be anywhere but here!
They are both unable to take care of me for different reasons. Sam was actually very good to me until she got ill. Now she is not able to care for me anymore and it is Liem’s job. As for Liem, I’m sure he is a very nice person but he does not know how to take care of a dog. He is just too concerned about what he has to do and forgets about me. I don’t even think that they realized that I was back their anymore.
The day that the nice animal people came to get me was the best day of my life! They bandaged up my soars and cut off some of my hanging skin as soon as they got me. Since then I have been with a new, very nice owner. Her name is Mrs. Donovan. She washes me twice a day to get my coat healthy again! I love the shampoos, the massages she gives me, and playing fetch in the yard. By far my favorite thing about my home is the food. It has the smell and taste of bacon, bacon, and BACON! All and all my new owner is amazing.

In my new home I am living the life! Before I ate once every 2 weeks if I was lucky, and now I eat twice a day! The food I get is amazing, whereas before I got scraps if I was lucky. Another example is before I never got to see the light of the sun or the colors of the trees and grass, now I go outside every few hours and get to play fetch, go on walks, run, and chase my tail. Finally, my owner is always with me and shows me tons of love! All and all, I love my new home and never want to leave.

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Mr. R said...
Nov. 3, 2010 at 9:44 am


You Rock! I loved this version of the story.

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