Forever Hold Love

October 26, 2010
By AshleyApplegate BRONZE, Flemingsburg, Kentucky
AshleyApplegate BRONZE, Flemingsburg, Kentucky
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As the day was beginning to wind down and become gloomy, it fit the mood of Amanda’s family perfectly, this was because Amanda was leaving for college and this was when they said their goodbyes. Amanda is nineteen and just graduated top in her class, she has dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, a beautiful smile any girl would die for and the prettiest tan of all. Amanda is all packed and ready to hit the road, so she carries her last suitcase out to the trunk of the car. When she walks back to the house to tell everyone she is about to leave she is stopped by a handsome face she remembers from awhile ago but hasn’t seen in sometime. The face belongs to Jake, which is a handsome young man who just graduated with Amanda. They were high school sweethearts till six months ago when he decided they shouldn’t be together anymore, she had been in love with him for what seemed like forever. Jake asked, “Amanda why are all of your bags in the car?”

She replied “I’m going away to college”. The look on his face when she said this was like his heart was just filled with pain. She looked at him with a pity feeling, and then soon realized that she was making her life better by going away. They didn’t say anything to one another for a brief second, all that was heard were the little creatures in the area making noise. He finally broke the silence and at that time he begged Amanda not to go and to wait till the next year, she told him that she couldn’t do that, she then called for her family to come back outside. They all hugged and said goodbye and the family told her to be careful and safe, the car pulls off and she starts her journey. They all wave including Jake as he watches her leave. Amanda leaves home thinking about the choice she just made and wondered to herself if it was the right one. She loved Jake and has for about five years now, and he had never showed much interest in her after they had broken up but now he had come back wanting her to stay.
As she is in the car Amanda speaks with her father which is who is taking her to the airport. She questioned, “Am I making the right decision dad?”

He replied, “I believe you are making a great decision but you have to decide for yourself if you think it is the right or wrong one.” Amanda then just sighs and leans her head on the window to think for awhile, not only is she thinking about her decision for college but she also thinks about Jake. She wonders if he has already left her house or if he stayed around to talk with her family. She has thoughts about telling her dad to turn the car around to go back and tell Jake she isn’t leaving but she doesn’t because she knows that she needs to further her education.

Amanda had fallen asleep in the car on her way to the airport and after six long hours she awoken by her father telling her that they had arrived and she then got nervous about flying. They carry all of her luggage into the airport, they talk some more her dad tells her that he should go back home they hug and he walks away and leaves. Amanda sits down in one of the chairs and waited for her flight to be called. Amanda waited for about three hours and then it was time for her flight to leave so she got excited when the operator came over the intercom, only to her surprise he gave them bad news.

Her flight had been cancelled due to bad weather heading their way and the conditions in the sky were too dangerous to fly. Amanda was upset when she called home to tell her parents that she wouldn’t be leaving till tomorrow morning, they all ask if she would be okay and she just said that she would. So she put the chairs together and tried to go to sleep but she was so uncomfortable and she could hear the storm outside, so she lied there awake thinking about how the other people would treat her at college and she started crying because she thought of the plans her and Jake once had to go to college together and she now was going all alone.

She was awaken by the voice over the intercom announcing that her flight would be boarding in an hour, Amanda called back home and she told her family that she would be officially leaving in one hour and that she would call them when she landed. She hung up the phone and went to the café to grab a donut before she got on her flight, she thought about calling Jake but she was thinking it might not do any good. She wanted to talk to him but then she didn’t want to suffer from the heartache realizing that she just left him.

Amanda boards her plane at approximately nine thirty that morning, she was nervous because of the stories she had watched on the news about planes crashing. She soon got over the fear right before the plane took off; Amanda only drank juice the whole time she was on the plane because she was afraid to eat. When the plane finally landed she got ecstatic about the thought of being there, she was even more excited to get to the college to check everything out. She went into the new airport to grab all of luggage and try to find a cab to drive her to the college so she could unpack her things and get settled into her new environment.

Soon after Amanda is at the college and starts unpacking into her dorm when her roommate who is also going to be a freshman there this year walks into the room. At first it seemed like both of them were afraid to speak, but then Amanda grew the courage to say hi to the girl.

The girl replied “Hi, I’m Wendy!” She performed this with excitement. They talked about where they came from and what they were going to college to be, by the time they were done talking and packing it seemed as if they knew everything about each other. Then Wendy asked Amanda who all she left behind when she came to college, Amanda told her about how she had lived with her mother, father and sister. Then Wendy told Amanda that she only left behind her mother and sister, because her father had passed away when she was only eight years of age. You could tell when she told this that she had dealt with it very well and could talk about it better now. Very quickly after Wendy had stated her story, Amanda spoke up to tell that she had also left behind a boy named Jake which she was still in love with but couldn’t talk to him about it cause he had hurt her. Wendy tried to comfort Amanda because she had started crying she told the heartbreaking story of Jake. Wendy suggested that she call him just to see what he would say to her and if it would help her feel any better.

Amanda doesn’t call Jake that night and Wendy says that it was okay but that she should eventually call him. They wake up the next morning to go and set up their schedules with one another, when they have their schedule made they then compare and see if they have any courses together. They were happy to find that they both had enrolled in the same courses and would have three classes together each day. So a few days had passed and Amanda and her roommate Wendy were in their dorm talking about their classes and the work they had to do, Amanda confesses that all she has thought about was Jake and wanted to call him so bad. Then Amanda’s phone rings and it was Jake calling, she almost didn’t make it to answer it in time because she was so excited, but she finally answered, “Hello?”

Jake said, “Hey, How is school going for you since you left?”

It took her awhile to answer back but when she did her voice was shaky and sounded faint saying “it’s been good but I can’t really concentrate.”

He asked her, “Why?” She just plainly told him that he had been on her mind since she had left and that she wanted to talk to him but she didn’t have the courage to call him. They went on talking and he soon brought why she left and wondered why she didn’t stay and be with him. She went on to tell him that she wanted to get a better education for herself and that she would come back for Christmas.

Two months had passed and she decided to go back home and leave college cause she wasn’t doing to good in her courses and was occupied thinking about Jake the whole time she was away. So she calls her family and Jake the day that she decided to come back home, they all met her at the airport. Amanda and Jake went back home to her parents house, They talked and decided to get back together but her only concern after that was what she would do about not going to college. About three weeks later she enrolls in the community college ten mile from her house and she then calls Wendy and hears some surprising news, Wendy was planning on moving down to Amanda’s hometown to attend the community college that she was. So they all end up going to the community college including Jake, They end up moving out on their own when they graduate from the community college. Wendy also finds a love from the college and they live happily too. In the end Amanda gets both of her wishes to continue school and have the love of her life back.

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