October 26, 2010
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Terra and Robin had been best friends since they could remember. Their parents had known each other before since they were born, so they had played together as toddlers and grew up together. They said to each other they were sisters at heart and would always be there for the other. Best friends until the end.

Terra was a year older than Robin. She was pretty with golden brown hair, blue-gray eyes and noticeably soft skin. Her voice was soothing to some, yet annoying to others and she liked to joke around, even if she took things a little too seriously sometimes. She was book smart with little talent at anything else. She felt like she should be a leader by telling Robin what to do and be her role model, but Robin had other plans. Robin was spoiled but had plenty of friends that never really lasted long. She had blond hair, light blue eyes and was a little bit bigger than the average weight. She had a habit of bossing Terra around and she did as she pleased. She could be very opinionated at times and Terra always felt that she had to give up what she wanted to do so that they could be happy. Still, how could you she not love her best friend, even if she was stubborn.

It was Terra’s sophomore year in high school and she was excited to have Robin in the same school again. Then they could rule the school as they had planned on. On the first day of Robin’s freshmen year, Terra and her were joined at the hip in the halls. They seemed to be inseparable. They didn’t have the same classes though. The only time they got to spend together was between classes and over the weekend.

In one of Terra’s classes she met someone new. A boy named John who made her happy and laugh all the time. She felt that he could be more than just a crush. John was a flirtatious guy with many great attributes. He was handsome, charming and funny. When she hung out with Robin the next weekend, Terra told her all about him.

“He is nice, and funny and so cute!’ She gushed.

“Well I don’t know about cute but he seems like an okay guy,” Robin shrugged and looked around her band themed, purple bedroom.

“Whatever, he is cute. Who do you like, huh?”

“Well, Darrin is looking good this year.” Robin laughs and changes the subject by turning up her music and getting up and dancing. Terra hesitantly joins in and forgets about it until another time.

At school, later the next week, Terra introduces John to Robin.

“This is my best friend forever, Robin,” John and Robin exchange greetings and Terra is pleased to see that they get along. Later the next day, Robin confronts Terra about her crush.

“I just don’t trust him. He seems sneaky and kind of mean. I don’t understand what you see in him,” She says.

“I don’t get what you are talking about. I think he is a great guy. You’re just jealous that I might have a future boyfriend and you don’t.”

“Whatever, think what you want.” Robin replies and walks off. Terra feels bad about what she said and calls later that night to make up.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t like the fact that you don’t like a person who makes me really happy. Don’t you want me to be happy?” Terra asks.

“Of course I do, but I don’t want your heart to be broken either.” Robin defends herself.

“Okay, I understand. Can we just stop fighting? Let’s hang out this weekend.”
Robin agreed and everything goes as planned. They have fun and all the bad thoughts are out of their heads. A few months go by and they hang out whenever they can, which is getting less and less because Robin is always making plans with someone else. Terra brushes it off and doesn’t really mind since she is getting closer to her crush, John. They always hang out at school now and Terra rarely sees Robin there. A few quick waves in the hall is all they see of each other some days. The next time Terra and Robin hang out, they have news for each other.

“So guess who I’m dating now?” Robin announces to Terra. Terra shrugs, “I’m with Darrin! He asked me out the other day!”
“That’s cool. You guys are such a perfect couple. But guess what? I also have a boyfriend too, it’s John!” Terra practically squeals. They both jump up and down with excitement.
“I’m so glad that we both have boyfriends, now neither one of us has to feel left out.” Robin said. Terra approved and they spent the rest of the day going on and on about their boyfriends and how amazing they were. It made it more difficult for them to stay close though. Whenever Robin would call Terra, she would be on the phone with John.
“I can’t talk right now; I’m on the phone with my boyfriend. We will catch up later though.” Terra would say and Robin would understand and say it was all right. Terra never called back. Whenever Terra would try to make plans with Robin over the weekend though, she would always be hanging with Darrin.
“Well I already made plans with Darrin, I can’t just cancel them. That would be rude. Maybe next time though.” Robin would tell Terra and she accepted the rejection with little indifference. Robin never changed her plans. One day when Terra was hanging out with John, she expressed her fears to him.
“I just feel like we are drifting apart,” Terra began. She was wrapped in John’s warm embrace, sitting on his couch and trying to not break down in tears, “We have been best friends forever and I don’t want to lose that but is it bad that I am just giving up. Whenever I call, she is hanging with Darrin or something. Whenever she calls, I would rather talk to you. I have been getting more and more annoyed at how she tries bossing me around and thinks she can get whatever she wants. It’s just hard to know that I am losing something I have always had, my best friend.” John hugs her tighter and looks into her eyes.
“I know you want to stop it from happening but sometimes you just can’t. I understand that you guys have been best friends for a long time but maybe it was just never meant to last. I’m not trying to tell you what to do; I’m just trying to help you feel better. Don’t feel guilty that the friendship isn’t working out. Besides, I’m here for you, no matter what.” Terra senses the truth in his words and begins to accept everything that is happening to her and Robin’s relationship. John sticks to his word and stands by her side. He is always there for her when Robin isn’t. He is her shoulder to cry on and supportive to her. He takes Terra very seriously and means every loving expression he says to her.
Terra gives up on trying to call Robin and vice versa. They don’t say a word to each other anymore and don’t even notice when the other passes by in the halls. Both Terra and Robin are oblivious to the other. It may seem sad but both are happy with the way their lives are turning out, even if it is without the other by their side.

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