The Bottomless Tyrant

October 15, 2010
By Anonymous

The sailorman’s wife was standing at the edge of the cliff waiting patiently for her husband to return home. “The ship will come”, she said “and I will be here for when it come.” Day in and day out she stands at the edge of the cliff staring endlessly at the sea. The waters rush against the side of the jagged rocks as if it was taunting her. “The ship will come and I will be here for when it come.” She repeats. “The sea will not provoke me and I will not give in. Even though it is a bottomless tyrant, it will not control my heart.” The sailorman’s wife thought. She stands there motionless. Only her hair move gently by the wind and her blink in a rhythm of her beating heart. Everyday her body was becoming thinner with fatigue. The neighbors watch her with concerned. One of her neighbors walks up to her and tried to get her and tried to get her to move. “Miss please”, he beg “come on home or you’ll died of dehydration and starvation before your husband come home.” She didn’t move an inch. She still stood there motionless. Her jet black eyes were now a dull charcoal. The clothes on her were worn out and wrinkled. Dirt, dust, and tears stains were beginning to form a new shade of colors. Her long, silky beautiful hair is but a short, dirty clump that shows her determination. The villagers including the mayor, tried to persuade her to come down from the edge of the cliff. They soon gave up after several failed attempts. As the years increased, she began to decrease. The villagers pass the sailorman’s wife everyday as they go on with their lives. Some residents go up to the cliff to see if the woman has move, others tried to get her off her spot as some sort of a challenged. 30 years of standing at the edged of the cliff. The beautiful young lady is now a wasted woman. The new mayor of her town walked up to her. His body shows experienced while his eyes show doubtfulness. He approaches her with caution. Every step he makes is but a beacon of turning back. “Miss”, he mumbled “I have terrible information.” He was hesitant before continuing. “Your husband, the love of your life that you gave your life standing at this cliff, is no longer of this earth anymore. I’m very sorry for your lost. You wasted your whole life at this very cliff waiting for someone dear to you to return. You should know that villagers and I will be at your side if so you need comfort or assistance.” The mayor walks down from the cliff, leaving the age woman to her grieving. The woman stares at the ocean. “Oh the sea is a bottomless tyrant. For it has finally controlled my heart.”

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