Losing Touch

October 27, 2010
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Abigail and I both agree that this is the worst camp ever. The food isn’t really good, the counslers are mean, and the activities are lame. Abigail and I are beginning to know each other as the days go by in the rainiest July. Abigail has short brown hair, is really tall with green eyes, and wears glasses like me. I have girly red glasses and she has the plain wire frame type. Although we look very different, we feel like we’re the closest of friends. Abigail is lying on the counslers bed carelessly and I’m sitting across from her. She is tossing and playing with her little squishy toy that she got in Dorney Park. Abigail lets me play with the squishy toy and we talk and laugh for a little bit until activities come. The counslers yell at us to hurry up but we ignore them. Abigail doesn’t take a long time to get ready for activities. Most of the activities require shorts and sneakers. Abigail always wears that combo. One day I realized that all she wears is shorts and I asked her why. She told me that she didn’t know why and that she even wears shorts when she goes to school in the winter. Abigail is very different but it’s a good thing because I am too.
It’s a rainy day and as we go splish-splashing back to the bunk, the counslers are sitting and laughing while coloring in a lion king coloring book. Could they get any more immature? Abigail and I are stuck inside with the rest of the bunk coloring in little cards with pictures of lions and whales. Abigail and I are bored out of our minds and instead of properly coloring in the pictures I draw funny doodles on the animals. Abigail and I crack up till we fall on the floor and it’s hard to catch our breath. The next day the bunk is empty and I cannot find my activity. I take a walk and then I find Abigail on a bike with a helmet. She tells me that I can join her biking activity because we’re the only two people in it. The instructor is okay with it too. We go on rocky hills and lumpy roads. I try to take hold of my small, red bike and I’m having a lot of fun riding with my new friend.
Abigail tells me that she never wants to go to this camp again. It’s a bad camp and I understand why she doesn’t want to go back. Abigail tells me that next year she wants to go to a travel camp somewhere. The next July I arrive at the same camp but Abigail doesn’t come back. She is in travel camp but we write each other letters. After camp we write each other emails. Dear Abigail, how is travel camp? Is it more fun than your old camp? I hope you like it and I also hope you make new friends.-Allie
Dear Allie, Travel camp is so much fun! I just came back from Washington D.C. How do you like camp? Is the food any better than last year? Are the counslers nice?-Abby Abby writes me in and out of camp and I write her also. When she comes over we do each other’s nails and crack up over the huge mistakes we make with the polish. Abigail sarcastically tells me that I did a good job on her nails. “I’m going to wear it to school!” She says, laughing. The nail polish easily comes off and we like peeling of the messy color.

I invite Abigail to my bat-mitzvah and she invites me to hers. As Abigail carries out the torah for her to layne, she accidentely drops it! Everyone starts cracking up and Abigail and I joke afterwards that she has to fast for seven days. I don’t think she will. Abigail and I stop writing each other for a while. I have homework and I’ve made new camp friends. I email her once and she emails me again too but we stopped for some reason. It’s been a year already and we don’t talk very much. I haven’t seen her in a really long time. We don’t talk to each other anymore.

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