The show of my life

October 27, 2010
By Anonymous

Sitting in the stands waiting anxiouly for the show to commence. T have heard amazing stories about this show. The show was one of my favorites to hear people talk about. It was called The Phantom of The Opera. The lightts started to dim. My mom was trying to preclude me from jumping up and down because I was so excited about seeing the show. The show that I had dreampt aboput for years. When the women started to sing my heart sank. Her voice sounded like angels. Suddenly some late arrivers scuttled to the seats in front of us. The obstructive gentlemen sat in the front of me and thwarted my view. I hampered my mom as long as I could not to get up and say something.But to the honest I did kinda want he to say something because I couldnt see the phenominal stage. I deterd some thoughts in my head, and explained to my mom that I would say something to the strangers in front of us. I got up and suddenly it hit me. THese people could be kidnappers or criminals. I slowly procrastinated my way down a step. I tapped the gentlemens shoulder and my heart was pounding. He looked at me with the most innocent eyes just as cute as a little puppy.I explained to him my problem and we esolved it with a solution. He was actully very nice not the criminal I had expected. Once the show had ended I said thank you to the couple an dwent with my mom. Overall the show lived up to my expectations.

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