My purpose on the track

October 27, 2010
The day was Saturday August third, 1995. It was the first day of the racing season and everyone was hyped up for the big start. It was early in the morning, around 9:30 and teams were already there talking strategies and doing some last minute checkups to their cars. The race was scheduled to start at 12:00 pm, but due to minor delays was moved to 1:00 pm.
As time ticked by racers suited up, and hit the pit stop to get in their cars. It was 12:30 and the drivers were just getting their final minute pep talk. Most drivers were getting “pedal to the medal” and some were being explained to how the race will go. But In the pack of the pack the new rookie racer Jimmy Johnson in the number 21 car was still talking strategies.
His dad was his race coach and in charge of the pit crew. Jimmy was listening to his dad say “Listen son, this is the first race of your professional career so go out there and show them what you’re made of. If you win in the top 20 today, then you will go To the Miami cup against some of the greatest racers of our time.”
Over the P.A of the stadium the announcer said “All racers, Please be ready to start the warm up laps in 5 minutes.”
After the end of the pep talk Jimmy started to pull away from the pit stop and began the warm up laps.
He was filled with adrenaline and was count the seconds till he could prove he is where he belongs.
“Racers get into alignment for the race.” exclaimed the P.A.
The clock started and the entire swarm of cars bolted out of the starting line like a cat in water. Jimmy started at the back of the pack because he was the newest edition. His car used brief, swift movements and passed the fierce competitors with ease.
A quarter through the race His car had already passed more the 2/3rds of his competition. No one had ever seen a rookie driver be so fierce! He was on the way to being in the top 10 of the race.
After the 100 lap raced finished the number 21 car was asked to come to the winner circle for receiving 3rd place. He was intensely and quickly attacked by people reporting, who wanted to be the first to do an interview with the newest edition of the Miami cup.
Every reporter around was asking what was his mind set throughout the race and without a thought said “My dad told me if I want to get to the Miami cup, then I would have to get in the top twenty and I had that goal rattling around my head the whole time.”

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