Away From Home

October 21, 2010
By Abigail Weichers BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Abigail Weichers BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Sylvia was running to her home in the rain…. again. She sighed as she opened her door and looked around her new, unfamiliar home. On her way up the stairs she tripped over a box, causing the contents to spill out. She picked up a picture of her and her two best friends when they were in 1st grade, and felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. She ran to her new room, jumped on the bed and burst into tears!
She had tried to be strong when her family had made the move from California to Seattle, but she’d held her feelings in way to long. Sylvia missed the sun, the beach, her school, her house, but most of all she missed her two best friends Alexis and Ashley.
The girls had known each other since 1st grade and nothing had stopped them from being best friends from then. Until Sylvia moved that is. Her family had moved here because her dad had gotten a better job. Even though there house was bigger, She would give anything to be with her friends again!

“Honey I’m home!” Sylvia’s mom called from the kitchen.
“Hey mom,” she replied. Her mom entered her room and noticed shed been crying. “Oh honey!” her mom exclaimed! “I know this is hard for you, I honestly do!” her mom said. “Mom,” she cut her off “I have no friends hear and all it ever does is rain!” Her mom pulled her into a hug and said, “ Honey listen to me, I know this change is uncomfortable and hard but please just give it a chance, and try to get used to it.” Sylvia new her mom was right she had made no effort to make friends or to like were she lived. “okay mom,” she sighed, but decided that tomorrow she was going to try as hard as possible to make a friend.

As Sylvia waited for 1st period to start she looked around at her classmates. All of them were in there little groups talking and laughing. Noticing everyone already had formed groups was pretty discouraging, but she was not going to give up. She continued to look around her classroom, and she noticed a girl all alone at the back of the room. The girl had long black hair just like Sylvia’s, but the girls eyes were a pretty blue instead of her boring brown. Sylvia decided the girl would be the easiest to approach because she was alone. She stood up from seat and walked over to the empty seat. As she sat down she said,” Hi I’m Sylvia, and I’m new here. The girl smiled a friendly smile at her, looking happy to be talked to. “Hey!” the girl beamed, “I’m Macey.” The girls talked through out the day, and Sylvia learned that Macey had just moved here from Pennsylvania after her parents were divorced. The girls talked all day about missing their friends and hating the rain, and at the end of day Sylvia couldn’t stop smiling shed finally made a new friend!

That night as Sylvia was thinking about everything that was happening lately she realized Seattle may not ever be able to replace her home were she grew up, and Macey would never take the place of Ashley and Alexis. But as she realized this she also realized that maybe shed be able to love both of these place and all of her friends. She would always miss California, but Seattle was starting to find its place in her heart.

The author's comments:
I hope people will learn that sometimes its hard to move or leave our friends but its important to try to make new ones or else we will be unhappy

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