Payback is a B***h.

October 21, 2010
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It was her sixteenth birthday. Supposed to be the best day of her life right? Key word, supposed. It was, in fact, the worst day any sixteen year old could imagine. She was granted the greatest gift man could wish for, but for a price.
So, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?
Sera woke up as happy as any other teenager on that fateful day of her sisteenth birthday. She could finally drive, could now gain more respect from adults, and could finally have that long awaited sweet sixteen party.
So she was all smiles that morning as she got into her brand new, black as night VW Beetle.
“See you later Hun!” her parents called from the doorway, waving goodbye, “We’ll try to have most of the party decoration’s set up by the time you get home!”
“Bye! Love you!”
Normally she would have just said something like, “Yeah thanks, see ya.” But nothing was going to bring this day down; yet.
Sera checked her phone as she got in the car
60 New messages it read. Half of them were from her best friend, Cay, the rest were random birthday wishes from students in the sophomore class.
The school day went a great as Sera had planned. Everyone was nice to her, even the ultimate b***hes, and she got a truck load of little birthday gifts; some from people she didn’t even know!
Not to mention the unexpected, intimate plans for the before the party she had with her boyfriend, Jason, that he introduced to her at lunch.
I’m sixteen! She thought to herself after she agreed to meet at his house after school, why not? I mean I DO love him!
The school day ended, all to slowly, and Sera quickly slipped on her new Victoria’s Secret lingerie inside the school bathroom before getting into his car.
“We have to be quick though,” She tossed her stuff in the back seat, “My parents are expecting me to help set up for the party.”
“Relax, babe, everything will be good.” He said, resting his arm on the back of her seat.
They pulled out of the parking lot, and what seemed like only 5 seconds later, pulled into his driveway.
After assuring Sera several times that his parents wouldn’t get home until 7 that night, she finally got out of the car.
He swept her into his arms, pressed his lips to her, and carried her like that all the way upstairs, and the rest was BLISS.

I know what you’re saying. What the eff is this? Well I’m getting to the good part, so shut up and keep reading.

That night after Jason’s house, it was around 10:00 and the party was in full swing at the local park. And, like all teen parties, there was drugs, alcohol, and… did I mention alcohol? The music was blasting, the parent oblivious, and the teens wild.
Sera was busy dancing with her friends. Not having seen Jason since they arrived at the party, she set out looking for him. After about 30 minutes of searching she finally just gave up. He would turn up eventually she told herself. She turned back to go dance again, and… well… she found him alright.
She found him sitting on the farthest picnic table, another girl sitting in his lap, her shirt almost off, and his jean unbuttoned. Well she walked right over there, slapped him as hard as she could with the palm of her hand. The other girl had fallen to the floor, she stared up at her in anger, then in shock. It was Cay.
“What the f*** are you doing?” he yelled, obviously tipsy.
“What the f*** and I doing? Well I don’t know what the f*** I was doing in YOUR BED earlier that’s for sure. Have fun with the wh*re.”
She ran away, tears streaming.
And the funny thing was, neither of the two she left in her dust made any attempt to stop her; any attempt that could have stopped her from storming away, grabbing a bottle of vodka from a guy’s hand, and downing it; any to attempt to stop her from getting in his car -starting it with the key’s she had taken from where they had fallen on the ground while he was receiving a hand job from her best friend- and driving away.
They didn’t make any attempt to stop Sera from killing herself that night.
The police that had arrived at the scene said that she had passed out from overdose of alcohol and run head on into another car, who’s driver she had also killed.
Two lives were lost that night, many were ruined.

About two years later, on that exact say road, in that exact same spot, a highschool senor on his way home from graduation with his girlfriend (who was driving) when they suddenly swerved off the road and into a ditch, killing the driver.
There was no animal, no other cars, and nothing wrong with the car they had been in.
When the young man, who’s name was Jason, was interviewed by police, he said that they had been driving along the road, when suddenly the very pale form of young teenage girl had stepped out in from of the car, causing the driver, who’s name was Cay, to swerve of the road, and into her fate.
The police asked him if he had recognized the girl. He said yes, but he didn’t know where from.
He knew perfectly where from. The last time he had seen her was when she had slapped him across the face at her sweet sixteen, the night of her death.

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