It Lays in the Past Pt. 7

October 21, 2010
By AnjiLegacy PLATINUM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AnjiLegacy PLATINUM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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"Celestina," he attempts to move, "I have to tell you something."
"Don't move, Papa."
Tears pour down my face, they're beginning to burn.
"Listen, mija. I was never honest with you."
"Giovanni, por favor! (please)" Mom steps in, "don't!"
"Shut up, Jiselle! I knew you were experimented on... Your Mother, Valentine's parents, Jin's parents Cole's parents, and myself knew. We were the surgeons. We all knew the risk, but we didn't care. We performed surgery and made an error... Purposely. Our intent was to make you kids forget your problems, and we knew it would work, but we didn't tell your parents. We knew we would get sued for performing such a high risk procedure. Then, we got an offer. The board of Psychologists informed us that if we keep you as our children, our procedure would be discussed at the convention. We couldn't risk getting sued and lose millions... We were greedy. After you kids recovered, the chip we planted in your brain kicked in. You instantly forgot your past, but before you recovered... We changed your last names. We chose which one of you we wanted and gave your our names. So, due to the name change, you thought we were your parents. The chip in your brain erased your childhood memories and recorded your present up until you all turned eighteen, we knew Cole was the oldest and you would turn eighteen a month before he turns nineteen. All of you would be the same age, as planned and we would present the chips to the board for them to review our findings and obtain riches beyond our wildest dreams. Something happened within those few years we raised you. I grew to love you as if you were biologically mine, your mother did too... I'm sorry I lied to you for so long, mija. Did you see a flash of white and a shock in your head?"
I nod, slowly. I can't believe what I'm hearing.
"Then your chip has been fried, it's useless now. I wrote a will, mija. All of my money is now yours. Use it wisely... Now go," he kisses me on my forehead, "I love you..."
My whole life has been a lie. The parents I grew up with, the people who claimed they loved me, were the very people who ruined me, us. However, Valentine is already hurting... I should wait to tell her.

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Part 7...

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