Daydreaming In Darkness

October 24, 2010
By IWriteToFeel SILVER, Youshouldntknow, Ohio
IWriteToFeel SILVER, Youshouldntknow, Ohio
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Everything mystical, magical happens in the dark. Ideas are sparked in the hours of the night, peaceful shadows recede beneath the archaic floor, vivid portrayals dance next to my feet. Watching, wandering, waiting by the night. Collapse, it’s what happens in a dream. Reality turns to dark, nothing seems real anymore. I am lost in a trance. My mind goes spinning in endless circles of lowly lanes, chains of absolutely nothing.
As a return to my peace, I follow; I follow footsteps into a large abyss, darkness sweeps around the realm in twirling circles of mystical power. As I wait for the time on my wrist to go 5 more notches I sit, stare, sulk. My heart is slowly beating, I can hear my breaths each painful breath I take……in……out. I sit, stare, sulk. My life, like a heart beat…in…out…in…out of this world of nothingness. Losing consciousness, subconsciously thinking in no apparent direction my mind leaps off the platform and falls, falls into reality until I finally awake into my body where I rest, relax, relive my fantasy world, one beat at a time.

The author's comments:
Throughout this piece, i was crying writing this. Whenever I am sad or depressed i sit down and write by closing my eyes and just going on whatever the next word is on my mind. Some people think I am a very good writer others think it makes no sense. It is a bit chopy at times. But let me know what you think!!!

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