The Two Sides of Who I am

October 24, 2010
She was more than just a pretty face in the magazines. She had feelings and desires but no one understood. Aubrey wasn’t another simple, bottle-blonde, fake high school girl. She didn’t care about what car she drove and how expensive her shoes were. She wasn’t a pretentious brat with daddy’s credit card. But Aubrey had that entire she never wanted-popularity, stunning looks, and the envious stares of the onlookers as she passed through her kingdom known as high school.
Every step she took, people glared at her with jealousy and the desire to be accepted into her inner circle. I was one of those girls, admiring her confidence, strength, and unbelievable courage from a distance. But I was never jealous or envious of her. I knew what it was like to feel misunderstood because I was once like her at my other school. People loved me, showered me with praise and adoration, but they didn’t know what was under the clothes. No one knew how hard I found it to deal with my sister’s suicide because to one bothered to ask. They were mesmerized by looks and I knew that. Aubrey was also scared of people judging her and I was the one who broke that. As I saw her running towards the Pacific South High, fake smile and all, I approached her.
“Hi Aubrey. Are you okay?” I asked softly.

She gave me a dismissive glance and looked away. “Why wouldn’t I be? I’m fine!” she answered hastily and grabbed her books.
“Aubrey, I know how you feel. Are you afraid I will judge you or spread rumors if you tell me what’s on your mind? That I will talk behind your back because I am not like that! I have been in your shoes and put on the same mask every day, but one day I broke down and couldn’t do it. I told everyone how I felt and I was judged for that. I came here looking for a fresh start and you need to do the same thing.”
Aubrey slowly parted her glossy lips and smiled. I knew I was right and a huge wave of relief washed over my entire body. As I was getting up to leave, I dropped a little piece of paper on the table and whispered, “ If you ever want to just talk…” and with those words I walked towards the high school’s gates.

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