The Daily Happenings of a Stranded New York Teen (1)

October 20, 2010
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Let’s be honest. Many people these days aren’t, I want us to be. Us as in me the writer and you the reader. I have no idea why I’m writing (or should I say typing?) this down. But the other day I was feeling really depressed, and I mean the lowest of the low. The kind of feeling that usually leads to taking cymbolta or cutting. So I email my friend Marie saying this.

Want to know what she replied back?

Sam (that’s my name) it feels like you’ve got all these bottles up feelings, maybe you should get a diary or something.

That’s Marie for you, future psychologist in training.

But hey, I thought, maybe I should. I mean she kinda had a point.

Being a teenager any where is hard.

Being a teenager in this day and age is the worst thing possible (though I’m sure that’s what they said 500 years a go too.)

Being a Muslim teenager in 2001, who just so happens to live in New York City can be pretty traumatizing.

To top it all off I just decided to wear the *hijab this summer. But so what? I’m going to hold my covered head high and do the best I can. It’s really late and I have to write a thematic essay first thing tomorrow so …………. Goodbye for now! :)

(Note to self find a better closing sentence or something.)

*Hijab- head covering or scarf :)

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