Autumn In New England.

October 22, 2010
By , Reston, VA
The girl walked down the old country road. The leaves were turning and falling around her. The air was cool and the wind was soft. The old oak trees that lined the road were vibrant with color, the reds and yellows stood out against the other colors. The lane was very straight, it led to an old house. The house was large, a beautiful, elaborate house. The house was set in the middle of a large, open field. The only trees for hundreds of yards around the house were those that lined the road.

The girl reached the house, the wind had picked up slightly and the leaves were spinning more and more, through the air. The girl opened the front door to the house. She proceeded to walk towards the back of the house. She opened a large window that functioned as a door. She stepped out onto the deck. Waiting on the deck was a pitcher of warm cider. The girl sat in the chair facing the rest of the open field. She sat in the chair and silently sipped the cider as the wind and leaves swirled around her. A perfect autumn day.

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