A Butler

October 20, 2010
By Huifen BRONZE, Putney, Vermont
Huifen BRONZE, Putney, Vermont
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Asia Butler was a wiry yet subtly muscled young woman dressed in straight gray trousers, a black button up shirt and a black jacket. She had chin length white blond hair, neatly tied back in a Mongolian pony tail. Her sharp black eyes shifted around the outer chamber without much movement, scanning all the corners and people, assessing each in turn. Her height was very unimpressive amongst all the other burley, bulky six feet body guards dressed in designer suits waiting for their charges to finish discussing stocks and investments of their companies. Her calm yet vigilant composure was always enough to unsettle any of her possible opposition. Her limbs where folded neatly, one arm lying along the armrest, the other elbow on the rest, and her knuckles under her chin giving the impression of careless indifference. No one would pick a fight with her. Once in a while you could glimpse her hand straying to the back of her hip to check that the throwing knifes that was concealed there were secure as well is the Sig Sauer automatic that was holstered under her jacket. As soon as the meeting hall doors opened signifying that convention was over, she stood up out of her chair gracefully and walked fluidly, deliberately towards her charge. “Damn thieves, wanted the cola stocks for a pittance. Thought they could get a youngster like me to be an idiot and just give them up” Mr. Farer complained. “Let’s go, Ms. Butler.” She did a leisurely about turn to walk behind him out the door scanning over everyone all the while to the waiting Bentley. “Of course Mr. Farer, the car awaits you.”

The author's comments:
This was in response to an english class prompt. we were to describe a person in such a way as not only to tell about their personal apperarence but their lives as well without telling outright.

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