Holidays of Lyla (New Years-St Patrick’s Day)

October 18, 2010
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New Years
Lyla watched on the big screen as the crowd on TV waited for the countdown. Setting on a couch at her grandparent’s that was almost as old as she was and tasted the salty tang in her mouth ten minutes after she was made to eat one of grandma’s deviled eggs. She licked the inside of her lips and wished she was at the New Year’s party she hadn’t been invited to. That instead of her granddad giving her a kiss on the check, she would get a kiss from Troy when the ball dropped. 3…2…1, she just kicked back the cider in her hand wishing it was something stronger and said happy new year to herself.
Valentine’s Day
Standing in the bathroom before school, Lyla looked at herself and the little bottle of pills in her hand. It was a bottle of the stuff you gave children when they swallowed something they shouldn’t to induce vomiting and finally the bottle of laxatives. She contemplated taking the two to get out of enduring school that day. It was one of the big days of school that the popular kids got to throw the ‘fact’ they were ‘better’ in the face of the rest of the student body. She and her band of freaks would suffer. “They would suffer” ran through her head and she dejectedly decides to go and be with her friends. She put down the pills and decided to make another pan of brownies, this one for the popular kids. Lyla went down stairs, bottle of laxatives in hand.
St Patrick’s Day
Lyla checked off her list as she looked in the mirror at herself; she wore a Black ?T-shirt with an electric green skull on the back, a green and gray plaid school girl skirt with bright green bike shorts underneath, thigh high black and chartreuse wicked socks, knee high black leather boots, two green streamered pigtail holders, lime green lipstick, a black chocker with a harlequin green metal ring, and green skull earrings. Lyla dared anyone to pinch her in this outfit. On the other hand maybe Troy wouldn’t notice.

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