Across From Me- Character Sketch

October 20, 2010
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After Glen went brain dead, my life was full of “How’s your little brother?” and “I hope he will be able to come to school soon.”, but I didn’t care how my little brother was doing or when he would be able to come out of his tidy, little room. Because that wasn’t my little brother, he was dead. But that lifeless thing was in his room. It eats his food, watches his shows and cartoons, and wears his clothes! It made me sick. My mother refused to let him go and now a dead boy sits in the room across from me.
Character Sketch

After school, Shin made his way up to his house. He knew his Mom would yell at him for skipping the last three periods of school, but he didn’t care. He was already failing three classes, and didn’t mind failing P.E. as well.

His house came into view as he went around the back. The dead leaves crunched beneath his weight as he looked up to his second story window. He chucked his tattered, black bag onto the roof. He did his best to avoid confronting Glen, his younger brother. Grabbing hold of the large vines that grew on their two story villa, he started to climb. His dyed, black hair fell in front of his green eyes as he looked down. His studded, red belt held his jeans up as he flung himself onto the roof. His simple black t-shirt and faded-blue converse bore scratches and pieces of thorn sticking out of them. He grimaced and plucked them off before grabbing his bag and crawling towards his window. He unlatched it and hopped inside, but not before noticing the boy watching him from across the hall. His eye became thin slits as he quickly walked forward and slammed the door shut.

Immediately he regretted it as he heard his mom’s thudding footsteps come up the stairs. He jumped onto his navy blue bed and prepared himself for the worst. He heard her pause before pounding on his door and opening it.

“What are you doing home?” Her shrill voice bit his ears. Her question was rhetorical, “don’t answer that.”

“I wasn’t going to.” Shin said, sick of her stupid questions.

“Shin! Don’t make this any harder than this is, your brother-“

“That is not my brother! My brother is dead!” he began to step forward and push his mother out of his room, “and I don’t know why you keep that thing!” he pointed a stern finger at Glen before slamming his door shut once again.

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