October 19, 2010
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The doctor’s have told me for two year now that I will never be able to walk again. One day ruined my life. It was storming outside, and I forgot my cellphone in my car. I needed to call my little sister and see if she was okay, so I went outside really quick to grab my phone.

I was halfway down the sidewalk, when I heard a big “BOOM!” The thunder made me jump. Then it all happened so fast. I was about to take a step, when a lightning bolt hit me. It hurt, but it was over quickly. I had fallen to the ground, and couldn’t get back up.

Mom found me lying on the sidewalk when she got home from the store. She was saying something, but I couldn’t tell what it was. She lifted me into her arms, and laid me down in the back seat of the car. She drove me to the emergency room, and they took care of me.

They made me take all these motor skill test, and I was almost done until they told me to try and move my legs. I tried, but they wouldn’t move. I was confused, so I kept trying. The doctors told me that the lightning made me lose the use of my legs. They told me I would never walk again, and i’ve been hearing that for two years now.

I’m tired of people telling me what I can’t do. Someone once said, “One of the greatest pleasures in life is proving that you can do what everyone says you can’t.” The guy made a good point, and the words touched my heart.

I’m at the doctor’s office, and they are, once again, telling me I will never be able to walk. I still haven’t gotten used to that. Acting on impulse, I angrily stand up. Actually stand up. I don’t realize what I’m doing, because the adrenaline is pulsing through my veins, and blocking my train of thought.

I angrily walk up to his desk and say, “I’m tired of doctor’s telling what I can or can’t do. Maybe one day I will walk again. But, we won’t know until then.” The I walk back over to my wheelchair and sit down.

When the adrenaline stops pumping through my veins a few seconds later, I realize what I just did. I just walked. That guys voice popped into my head saying, “One of the greatest pleasures in life is proving that you can do what everyone says you can’t.” Miracles really do happen.

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Robsessed said...
Nov. 26, 2010 at 11:26 pm
Did that or something similar really happen to you?
its_just_me replied...
Nov. 27, 2010 at 3:06 pm
Nope. It was purely imagination.
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