Tears of Midnight

October 18, 2010
“Doesn’t it bother you” she asked. I did not answer, she started at me. It took a moment to realize I was crying. “Don’t worry I’m here to help you, you can tell me anything” she said. I chose not to speak what did she want from me? It was bad enough my parents got divorced and now she was interrogating me!

She sighed, grabbed her stuff, and headed towards the door. “Yes...It bothers…me” I said gasping for air. She stopped and turned around. She sat down in the red leather seat. “It bothers me that they fight all the time and they never pay attention to me!” I cried. “I know how you feel” she said politely. “No you don’t!” I yelled. “You don’t know how it feels to feel alone and insecure and feel like no one is listening to you when you speak!” I yelled.

She sat there speechless for a moment and soon enough she was gone. That night I left home. I walked slowly trying to hide so no one could see me. There were guys on every corner. I tried walking by them as fast as I could but when a guy sees a girl with short shorts and a taint top walking the streets at midnight you catch their eye. “Why hello there” a guy in a deep voice said. I kept walking this time faster. “Don’t leave baby we just wanna talk to yah” he said with a devious twisted smile on his face. He grabbed my had I yanked it out and slapped him and started to run. They carried me to a car I screamed and yelled but no one was around.

They took me in a room and dumped me in the bed. “We’ll see what happens to a girl who slaps me” he said. “No!” I yelled. I knew what was coming next. I yelled and shouted but the pain still remained here and it got worse every second. The pain stopped in a while and I lay there crying. They had gone out for breakfast and locked me in the room. The room was dark and it gave me the creeps. I stood up and looked for something to break the window with. I found an iron stick. I broke the window and carefully climbed out hoping not to get cut.

I ran and ran until I found a street that seemed familiar. There was a hospital and I entered. “Help me please help me some guys they, they, they” I did not finish and started crying. “Come with me” she said. She took me in a room where they examined me. They called my mom and she came in crying. “Baby I’m so” she said but I interrupted her “don’t look at me your despicable!” I yelled.

She took me home and I fell asleep. My dreams they are all the same. The pain, the screams, and the nightmare. My life was ruined by my frustration. I learned how to face my fears and not run away from them.

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