The Feud.

October 18, 2010
The males form seemed to shift forwards now rushing from side to side quickly,his path altering roughly as his form seemed to encroach the very being infront of him,the hair rustling about form his form pushing from side to side as the wind had rushed along his face,gracefully with power stronger then the heavens,his hands slammed outwards gaining a violent since of velocity,pushing around the very foes upper torso now,pushing against his collar.

The male would have then sighed pushing his body upwards against the wall infront of him,the males eyes shifted upwards to the foes now,the rage penting up inside of him with his clenched fist around the foes shirt,the rafe was now realeased.

He Simply stressed, building the tension from one fist to another rushing it forwards now pushing against the face of the foe.

The pain simply joilting upwards against the foes face now,his nose flairing upwards from the knuckle mark left against his nose,the blood rushing towards it now,falling out of his nostrils gently,before hitting a sudden rush of rapid flow.

"Is this what you want!?"He shouted angrily to the male.
"Is this what you want everyone to see!?"His nose still bleeding as his form stood their motionless,the blood from his nose now staining his shirt,dripping through the cloth that had seemed to make up the Polo Stitched symbol located upon his heart.

The male now looked upon the foe,while the foe simply looked back at the male with embittered rage.

Then tension died.

They sat there.

They watched.

The male had then let his hair fall over his face,pushing his eyes to his shoes,he simply had looked at the black and white design upon his Nikes.

The puddle of blood simply layed there about between the two,letting it gently spread,formulating an artificial stream of even more artificial water,the blood simply reaching the outskirts of the males Nikes,rubbing against the outter soles,the male then looking up to his foe simply as he spoke.
"Im sorry.."
"Im sorry Brother..."The males lost for words,his eyes wanted to wander off,but his eyes seemed to draw near to his nose,the bleeding ceased,but the mark is stitched against the upper right nostril.

The foe's head turns to the right,ignoring stance he was in.His eyes looked to another opposing wall,watching the corners,looking away from the male known as his brother.While the male had simply watched him do so,then looking back behind him,the bystanders,all of them,mouths dropped.

They simply staired,as he gazed his grasped loosened,the chair he had sat in was on the floor,his brothers remained knocked over,the plates at the dinner table ruined,the mother,the father,they both watched,lost for the words of discipline they both desperatley wanted to speak.

The male had then shifted his hands open letting the foe's body slide from off the wall,dropping to his feet,his eyes pushing forwards trying to peer pass the hatred infront of him,the foe had simply turned to the side walking off to the left,then walked to the stairs he had scoffed somewhat pushing his nose against the dried blood upon his nostril before rushing up the stairs,the stomps from the males very anger grew louder as he had pushed up the few stairs before they had began to soften,turning into the constant stomps of the padding floor,the carpet ruffled by his anger,only the sound of the slamming door.

Had broke the silence.....

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