Navy Girl

October 17, 2010
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As the young girl with vibrant red curls that looked liked fire trucks, sits on top of her grandfather’s shoulders, which almost crumble under the weight, she watches a big gray boat that says U.S. Navy on the side come into port. She starts to scream as the boat comes closer and she sees her father and mother in the crisp bright whites that look like clouds that they are wearing. She hadn’t seen her parents in 18 months, but during those months her grandparents have been ill and injured, due to the snow that covered the ice on their sidewalk. She was so weak and young that she couldn’t shovel the heavy snow off the driveway. She also started school at a school that was very dirty like a port a potty after a football game.

As she is screaming you could see her father’s eyes become a little damp, as she watched with her little brown, round eyes that looked like chocolate drops she could see them starting to come off the big ship. So she tapped on her grandfathers head that reflected the hot Annapolis sun,to be let down and got the two roses from her grandmother who was sitting in a wheelchair due to recent surgery. As her father and mother come toward her, she sprints toward them and wraps her small little stubby arms around their well built bodies and cries.

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anneliese S. said...
Oct. 23, 2010 at 5:11 am
So sweet and touching! Keep writing, great job!!
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