The World Is Never Silent

October 17, 2010
The world is never silent, for you can hear all the noise even when you think the only thing you can hear is the cold night air. But even when you're outside at night, all alone, you can still hear the wind howling, crickets chirping, your every breath in and out.
When you're in geometry class, taking a test, you might think everyone and thing is so quiet, but it's not. You can still hear the ticking of the clock, pencils scratching the paper, and someone always plays “The Coughing Game.”
When you're the only one at the park, you may think everyone is so quiet. But their not. The birds are still chirping. The water fountain with a naked angel on top still creates the splattering sound of water falling on water, the chipmunk nearby runs through the grass making swaying grass sounds. Nothing is ever as quiet as nothing, you see.
Even when you think it is, it's not.
The world is never silent.

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