Save your pennies

October 15, 2010
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Save your pennies because you will never know when they would come in handy. Once there was a guy named Mike. He always had a lot of pennies but he never knew what to do with them. Sometimes he would just throw the pennies out into the streets, or just give them away to others. Mike felt that there was no purpose for them because they are only worth one cent. So Mike thought it wasn’t necessary because you can always get more, when he goes to the store or shopping or something. That’s the way Mike was all his life. He probably hasn’t thought about it really, about why he needs them. One day Mike was at a store and was going to the register to purchase a drink and the drink was $1.01. Mike had one dollar and an hundred dollar bill and the store didn’t take one hundred dollar bills. So all he had was a dollar and he couldn’t get the drink because he didn’t have a penny. So he wasn’t able to buy the drink. He said “if only I had a penny”. One day Mike talked bad about his friend John. John asked him why you did that, Mike response was I don’t care your worthless and I don’t need you. I can always more like you. John was like no you can’t and one day you’re going to need me for something and I’m not going to be there for you. Mike spent most of his life not caring and not saving his pennies, knowing they mean something and can add up to something bigger than just pennies. A man asked Mike one day, why do you always throw your pennies when get change from a store. People are homeless out here and they can use every penny they get and you just throw them like there nothing. Think about it Mike is like people and friends in life and you’re always gone have a lot of them. You are going to have top pick and choose whether to be good and save those pennies or be a jerk.

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