A mind of its own

October 15, 2010
By Anonymous

A loving dog came into this world to live, play, and be cute my name was Missy sound’s like a girl name, but I never understood the meaning of name’s and why we have one. Everyday his day started regular sleep, bark, food, sniff and sleep his mind was so unique in a way. That his actions can lead to burglary, kill, breaking the law we think of dogs for being lovable give them a home, and family some food and they will become yours. My mind was so weird that the way I show I’m a dog is out of this world but, my plot on hiding on my image, and thought is a question that will never be answered. My feeling on being a dog has come short my mind had a plan to get back on the world to bite, scratch, kill the family will never know. What’s coming to them but pain, and shock of cold blood for my revenge in society to stop taking commands of sit downs, shut ups, to bad dog it’s for their time. To be the dog to feel what I fell on drooling and not able to speak but bark at my own shadow it’s not what I had in mind. My mind is to cause pain to the family it would pay my time of being a dog is over as I get dangers.

The author's comments:
MY old dog from back in the day when his mind became stressed

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