Thirst Quencher

October 15, 2010
By luckyleaf52 BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
luckyleaf52 BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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It was right after the game and a group of excited teenagers were screaming loudly as they exited the gym. Someone shouted that there was going to be a party in the Sapphire Lounge.

“Are you going to go?” Cheryl asked.

“Yea, probably. Ill drop you home first,” Mac replied.
She sighs quietly, and a look of apprehension spreads across her face. He questions her about it, and she says that she has a bad feeling. He soothes her and says everything will be fine.

At the party, Mac meets up with his friends. They laugh and joke, play pool and have intense matches against one another on the PS4. Before they know it, it’s two in the morning, and Mac remembers he has to go to the cemetery tomorrow. He bids his farewells and grabs a water bottle for the ride. His last match included shouted obscenities and his mouth was parched.
The cold, refreshing water was as satisfying as the game winning slam dunk. He was reminiscing about the game as he drove the familiar way back towards the apartment. Was the night foggier than usual or was his eyesight getting hazier?
He heard the siren before the loud honks and screaming profanities. He tried to guess where the side of the road was and parked. He was growing fearful of this loss of sight. He managed to identify his license from the smooth, bump-less texture and was thinking of how best to explain his condition to the officer.
There was a sharp rap at his window and Mac fumbled to find the button to lower the window. Finally, it slid down and he held out his license and insurance card.
Mac smelled the coffee in the officer’s breath as he angrily questioned Mac’s lunatic driving.
“Officer, I need to go the hospital. I can’t see!”
“Oh now you want to go to the hospital? Maybe you should have thought about it before getting behind the wheel.”
“My vision started obscuring while I was driving.”
“That’s one I haven’t heard before. Let me get your information and issue your tickets. By that time, the ambulance should arrive. That sound good?” the officer walks away without bothering to hear Mac’s response.

Mac didn’t make it to the hospital. The poison from his drink worked its way throughout his body.

“Hello” Cheryl spoke into the phone. It was from the hospital.

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