Best Friend

October 15, 2010
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On a cold winter night, John was sitting by the fire, thinking. He was thinking about what happened between him and his wife. He looks out the window, sees snow on the ground, and snow coming down. He never believed what people were telling him. Many people stated how his wife was having an affair with his best friend. He then started to wonder, he was just sitting there thinking about what he would be doing if it was true.
It became dark, the moon shined bright. His wife never came home. He then just laid on the bed, imagining what going to happen between him and his wife. Thinking about how he will look at his best friend again, knowing what he has done. John is going to hake his shotgun wherever he may be and if so happen take that one bullet and put it in the chest of the one ruining his marriage. When people wonder what happen, John will just say he saw someone with the gun and so it themselves and they will never know.
So once that morning, that bullet was gone from the gun and a man lay dead on the floor, no one knowing how and no one knowing who would kill a woman’s husband. People came all around the town asking multiple questions and trying to figure out what had happened that night. There was a man with a woman, who looked very familiar, standing next to each other. People began to talk and somehow couldn’t come up with a motive of why they would kill a woman’s husband.

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