Done, Goodbye.

October 15, 2010
By Anonymous

On a cold, yet windy fall night, as the colorful orange, yellow, red and green leaves fall from a tree. A man name John was sitting on this brown bench, watching the leaves fall from the trees one by one or in little bunches at a time, and thinking about the day it all happened. The day he had caught his wife sleeping with his best friend, co-worker, brother, and the day he ended it all.
John thought about how the whole time he was working really hard, busting his butt to make good money to support his family that he had. He thought about how he was working all the time and his wife Jessica was a stay home mom with their son Ryan. While John was working Jessica had been sneaking around with another man that man named Tommy, getting him self into a bad situation. That moment John had no idea until one day John was on his way home from work. As he was pulling up to his driveway he noticed an unfamiliar car sitting in his drive way, it was a Toyota Camry, all nice and shiny red. He wondered who was at his house this time of day. John walled into his home noticing a suitcase and a suit jacket lying on his kitchen counter. He heard giggly and someone walking from upstairs he wondered where his son Ryan and wife Jessica were at. John slowly walk up the stairs hearing a familiar man’s voice from one the bedrooms, moiré likely John’s bedroom. John found Ryan asleep in his crib and slowly walked towards his bedroom door. He slowly opened his bedroom door finding his wife Jessica in bed with his best friend Tommy. John begins to screaming and raising hell, questioning Jessica about what is she doing, and if this is what she does when he’s at work, and how long this had all been going on. Jessica starting panicking saying “it’s not what you think honey”, John responded and said “that’s enough.” Tommy started to get dressed, as John walked towards his dresser. He begins to open his top drawer and pulls out a gun. John turns to Tommy and tells him that he has three seconds to leave and get out of his house. He counts…one...two...three. BOOM! Jessica screams as Tommy falls to the ground, while blood poors out of his body, and all over Johns bedroom floor.

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