Not Guilty

October 15, 2010
By dance7soccer SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
dance7soccer SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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The stale scent of the jail cell danced around his nose. Jesse Cristan sat stiffly on the uneven bed, and stared at his last meal. “I’m not supposed to be here.” He said quietly to himself. He sighed and went over to the bars that locked him away from the rest of the world. Jesse’s big hands squeezed the cold, thick bars.
“What are you up to, murderer?” A voice to the right of his cell asked.
“I did not kill anybody.” Jesse said through clenched teeth
“Sure, that’s not what the judge thinks. They are going to kill you too, just like you killed that man.” He retorted.
“He has done nothing wrong!” A shrill voice in the other cell beside Jesse, exclaimed. “He does not deserve to suffer, but the rest of us do.” He said
“Well his big, executive father did not come bail him out. Why didn’t he?” Jesse impatiently tried to ignore the other man’s rude remarks.
The shrill voice on the opposite side returned saying, “I still have a lot of respect for you, sir.” Jesse’s plea of ‘Not Guilty’ did not sit well with the judge in court. He was wrongly accused of committing a serious murder, and was now counting the time until he met the electric chair. He knew in his heart that he did not commit this crime, but nobody believed him. It was only up to God.

The sound of heavy footsteps interrupted his deep thoughts. A guard in a forest green uniform approached his cell.

“It is time.” He said while unlocking the bars, and put Jesse’s hands in cuffed. Jesse slowly exited his claustrophobic cell and turned to the KIND gentlemen in the cell next to his.

“Hey, don’t lose faith. We will meet again someday.” Jesse smiled wearily at the man, but the guard pulled him away. They walked silently down a thin, echoed hallway to a small room. A chair decorated with many straps was isolated in the middle of the room. Jesse was guided cautiously to the seat. The guard who escorted him there removed the handcuffs, and attached him tightly to the electric chair. A lonely tear crept down Jesse’s face, knowing what was coming his way. A man in white counted to ten, and then pressed quickly down on the button to release the electric current. That moment a soul was lost.

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