Flickering Candles

October 15, 2010
By SawyerT BRONZE, Crown Point, Indiana
SawyerT BRONZE, Crown Point, Indiana
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Her eyes close softly and you know you wish you could be in Her place; after all, She doesn’t deserve this. Her little black eyelashes flutter like butterflies, hesitating upon landing. Her lips part and you hang on, waiting for that sweet voice to reach out and enchant you like you know it will. This is what She does; She enchants those poor souls and makes their problems nothing but air. And yet you must sit and watch Her eyes flicker because you cannot help Her, you know you cannot. This is beyond your reach; this is beyond anyone’s reach. You close your eyes and imagine that you’re only twelve years old. You see Her tangled blonde hair fall on her muddy cheeks and you hear Her laugh, so sweet and innocent. She knows nothing of disease and pain, and the only horror She knows is that of tiny spiders and snakes that slither in the night. You let your eyes open and fall upon Her. She is pale and thin. Any hair She has is barely there. Her eyes are dark, but there is such a beauty lying deep within that you compel all suffering away from Her body, it’s the least you can do, She’s such a great person. As if it could have worked, She sucks in a deep breath, “Remember love…” She cannot continue. “Love is only a word until you put it into action.” You cannot hold in any tears as the words escape your mouth. She smiles with the corners of her mouth and the little black eyelashes flit shut; somewhere a magnificent candle has burnt out.

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