The Secret Life Of The President's Daughter

October 14, 2010
By jessicap BRONZE, Lawerenceburg, Indiana
jessicap BRONZE, Lawerenceburg, Indiana
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Some of you may be thinking that you have a hard life but if I told you about my life and who my dad is, then you think that your life would be like a walk in the park compared to mine. You have probably guessed by now from the title of this story that I am the president's. My name is Sarah; I am fourteen years old and I live in the White House, most people may think that it would be really cool to live in the White House; but take it from me it is not as much fun as your may think. For these reasons 1). You can not have any of your school friends over to study 2). A special car has to come and pick you up after school and the one that is the worst for me is 3). I have to lie to my friends about my life it is the most hardest thing that I have to do, when they ask me if I want to go to the movies with them I have to turn down there offer because I am not allowed to go out with my friends because you never know what could happen. So life as the president's daughter is fun at times like I get to travel and meet people you would never dream of meeting. But then there are the times that I really hate being the president's daughter like the one time when my friends found out who I really was.

It all began the one morning I had gotten up talked to my mom and dad on the video phone, because they were out of town on a visit with the Queen of England. My nanny told me that they would be getting home later on that morning and they would be home when I got home, so I was super excited about that. When my car dropped me off at school my principal was there like every morning to walk me into the school (before you ask yes I do go to a private school.) so any way my principal walked me into school and she showed me the new car that they got, just in case that I would have to leave in a hurry if something was wrong with my family. So far they have never had to use it since I have been at this school and that has been for a year. So any way I have gotten to class and I was getting out of school my back hurting from all of the books that I have to care and here is a fact private schools dish out just as much homework or more then public schools. As I walked down the side walk with my friends they were talking about going to the mall and they asked me if I wanted to go, I really wanted to go but I knew that I couldn't because of my homework and the fact that my mom and dad were home. So I said no thanks and continued walking to were the car was; but when I got there I could not believe what I say instead of seeing my regular secret service personally, saw my dad standing there waving to me; I ran across the street to him and after giving him a huge hug I asked where Zach and Andy were. As we were getting into the car he said that Zach had to take his son to the doctor because he broke his leg and Andy and his wife had their baby; they will be back in a few days so until then I will be picking you up and taking you to school.

When we were all sitting down to eat dinner; I was getting ready to tell my mom and dad how my day was, when my dad's assistant Mrs. Nancy came in the room. She walked strait to my dad and said “Sir are you ready to leave Air Force One is ready to depart”. My dad stood up and said that he totally forgot about the meeting give me a minute and I will be there. My dad was saying goodbye to us , as he walked over to my chair I stood up starting to cry and yelled “Do you have to leave you promised that you would take me to school”, then I ran to my room. My dad was just standing there when Mrs. Nancy came in “Sir we need to leave now.” He looked straight at her and said no I am not leaving I just broke my daughters heart and I need to fix it, please give me regards to China's president.

After I ran from the kitchen I went straight to my tree house. I heard my dad calling my name when he climbed up into the tree house I was sitting in my beanbag chair and looking out the window. Honey can talking. I thought you had a meeting to go to. “Now I don't like this attitude that you have I am trying to help you.” Help me with what? Help you to get your feelings out in the open. Do you want to start or, do you want me to start said Dad. I'll start; I feel like you care more about your work than you do me and whenever we try to do something together you always end up having to leave for some meeting or a last minute trip about some secret war plan. Now honey I know that you love spending time with me but, you know that I have other duties that I must do also I just can't drop everything and spend the whole day with you; even though I would love to do that I just can't sometimes. Instead of keeping your problems to yourself you need to do what we are doing right now talking about it. Thanks Dad I feel much better now.

Later on that month when I was at school the one day; I was walking to lunch with my friends when my principal came running down the hall toward me I knew something was wrong because my principal never comes sprinting down the hallway toward a group of students; I told my friends that I forgot something and that they could go on ahead, so they did and my principal and I started walking toward the office when we got there he shut the door. He said that my mom and dad have called the school and I need to go home. When I asked why he did not know, then at that minute Zach and Andy showed up in the doorway. When we got in the car on I say how many police and secret service there ways I knew that this could not be good.

When I got home later on that night my nanny was already there at the house cooking dinner, when I asked what was going on she dropped her spoon right into the dish she was making. Then she slowly started to tell me that my mom and dad left to go and save my sister; I didn't even know that I had a sister. Nanny said that she was at college when I was born so I did not get to see her and she got married when I was three so I would not remember. Then I asked why do they have to go and save her; she said that my sister works at a school in New York and she had gotten a threatening letter in the mail today and it said that there was a bomb in the school and it would go off sometime today. When your parents heard what was going on they got on Air Force One and went to get her; then they got to thing if they threatened one of their daughters then what would stop them from doing it to you. Do you know when they will be back? No I do not sorry Sarah, but until then you can not go back to school. Your homework will be brought here to you by your principal everyday.

A week had passed by and I have heard nothing from my mom and dad I was starting to worry a little bit. My mom and dad called on Wednesday night and said that they would be home in the morning. As I hung up the phone the doorbell rang, when I opened the door and who do I see my best friend Julia standing there with my homework, before I had a chance to answer her she said “Are you the president's daughter.” I just stood there for a minute, I didn't know how to answer that question. So I did what my gut told me to do; I said that yes I am the president's daughter. After I said that I said do you want a tour of the house. I barley had enough time to finish the sentence when she said hell yeah I want to who wouldn't want a private tour of the white house from their best friend. When I got done showing her around I have told her why I could never go to the movies, or hang out with them and go to the prom and other high school girl stuff.

After I said bye to Julia I went to my room to work on my homework, I had just gotten done with my homework when the phone rang my mom was on the other end saying that they would be getting home in a couple hours; when told her about Julia finding out my secret she said that it is good that one of my friend's know who I really end and she made sure that Julia would not tell everyone at school the next day. I said that I trusted Julia with my secret.

Since my mom and dad we now home I was able to go back to school the next day which I was excited and nervous about. When I got to school It was like nothing had happened, I mean my friend knew my secret, and I was okay with that; I told my mom that I would tell everyone my secret when I felt comfortable doing it, but until then I would only want one or two friends knowing my secret.

A couple of months after telling Julia my secret, I wanted to tell all of my friends who I really was so I could be a normal high school girl ( or as normal as a president's daughter can be). My friends could not believe what I was telling them, they thought it was a joke. So to prove to them that I am really who I say I am I had all of my friends come over to my house for a sleep over. After they spent the night they knew that I was who I said I was. I am very clad that I told all of my friends who I really was it is nice to have all of my friends know who I am.

Before I finish this story I just want to give a word of of advice to the readers, if you have a really big secret like my secret and you want to tell your friends just start out telling one or two friends and then tell more and more people your life will be better once people know your secret. You will be so much happier once you do.

The author's comments:
i had strted writing a story just like this over the summer but my mom and i were painting and lets just say that my paper was paint clob so i had to through some of it away but i had it on a file so i still had it and i fixed it up to make it what it is now

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