The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Families

October 11, 2010
By Brook Parker BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Brook Parker BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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‘’I don’t like school’’ said Yas.
I always act up and never get along with the teacher, I don’t think they like me I’m always in the office and in the hall to try and get out of class, and I get bad grades. I don’t really care at this, I’m almost in high school and don’t care about anyone but myself. I’m a troublemaker. Dad favor’s our little brother more than he does Jas and I. It really gets old I hate being the oldest and never getting anything and jack does.

‘’I don’t like being at home’’ said Jas, my parents make me mad.
I don’t know what I’m going to do? I always have an attitude and get in trouble; this is why I have no friends or a cell phone or freedom. My sister Yas probably hates me? I guess I can get over it. I want to tell people I don’t want to live here but I don’t want to disappoint my family, and leave my twin. Maybe they’ll let us live together somewhere else or our other family members.

So one day the Yas and Jas went to school and complained that there having trouble in school and at home. I don’t get along with anyone, but Yas kind of, we only fight with our parents and younger bro all the time. Its get old, as they told the social worker. We’re tired of living in a family that barely loves my and I twin.
I want to live in a family that loves us all the same, and loves us for who we are. So the social worker said, “I’ll see what I can do to help you girls, so in the mean time can you try and work hard at school so you don’t flunk?”
‘’The girls said’’ yeah we can try.
So they went home tried to ignore everyone as much as they can. The girls gave they number to the worker and she said she’ll call when she has something.

So about 3 or 4 days later the girls got a call from the social worker, she said she had found a home for the both of them. They tried working hard. But they still got made fun of when they walked the halls and everywhere they went. So they kept there cool well tried! When they got home they went straight up stairs did homework did they business and went to sleep. Soon their parents were worried about them. Barely did anything with the family like they used to. Barely talked to them did anything so one day the girls got called to dinner so they could have a meeting with the family. So they parents started asking what’s going on why haven’t you done anything with us. Why haven’t you been apart of this family? So the girls finally told their parents about what was going one so the parents said I knew it was gunna come to that. So they were a little upset. So when they got into a new family they were different but treated them well. I think they were starting to hit things off at their new home. So they took special classes and worked throw things at school got better grades and their formal parents got to see them on weekends got pictures and loved to hang with them.

Well that’s my story.

Love, Brook Parker

The author's comments:
it kinda involves me and my sister so its kinda true but just with me she the family favorite

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