The Fantastic Mind of Josie Poppy May

October 11, 2010
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“Josie!” The teachers words stung as they hissed out, “Go to the principal’s office I can have no more distractions today. I have had enough!” Miss. Linger pointed her long skinny finger towards the door. It seemed as if she had grown nearly 6 feet taller, her nose had got 7 inches longer, and a round mole was balanced on the tip of her nose like a balancing act. I stood up very quietly and put my hands together in front of my scarlet dress. I lowered my head imagining I was about to meet the king to face my death. I walked across the room all eyes on me. I secretly sent them thought through my mind telling them all do not cry I shall be back. I knew they would miss me for without me the class became cold and gray once again.
I was walking through the halls touching all the lockers on the left side of the hallway, thinking that they were tall grass growing from out of the dirt in the great prairies. I felt the prairie’s wind blow threw the grass making them sing the sweetest mellowed. I giggle at my wandering thoughts always changing never two just a like. My giggles fell short when I hit the door with the cold words that read office. I saw it as a wing in the school with no colors, no happiness, and no smiles. A place I hated to go to and hate to even be near. But I was here so I had to do my best. I stoke up my chin, stoke out my chest, puffed up my arms, opened the door and walked in.
The wicked witches who sat in the office day in and day out had me sit there and sit there and sit there tell my daddy came to discuss me being a “problem in class”. But I am no problem; I am what makes Miss. Linger's 2nd grade class so funny and enjoyable. That's what I will tell them, I will tell them that she is the problem not me. I began to shake my head up in down telling myself I agreed completely. I stood up and began to walk back and forth back and forth. Thinking of a one million, three hundred forty seven thousand, nine hundred and sixty eight reasons why I, Josie Poppy May was not the problem but in fact Miss. Linger was.
Before I could think of one more reason why my daddy walked in with the face that said Josie Poppy May this is not something you can talk yourself out of this time also you well not have any dessert tonight. I frowned at the idea of me not having dessert but also at the fact that my daddy was angry at me. My dad stood tall and firm like a big oak tree. I looked much like him with my olive skin and my big brown eyes. Every time he looked angry he reminded me of the old man who lived in the town house next to ours. That man never smiled. He is as pale as a ghost he only comes out to yell at the children who sat on his steps. His eyes are of frosty, dad says its because he is 87% blind. But I believe it is because he sold his soul to a witch and when he did his soul popped right out and turned his eyes pearl. I believe with ever finger and toe I have that he eats child. I am a child so I do believe that one day he well eat me.
We walked into the principal’s office where the principle was sitting there. He looked like a evil villain ready to explain his evil scrim of how he was going take my daddy and kick me out of school. I gulped I hate when I thought of bad things. Time and time I would they were short and I would change my thoughts to something happier. He smiled a evil smile that went to one side of his round face to the other like a chaser cat.
I didn't listen to what the adults were talking about cause I always found it quite boring and to stiff. So I did what I usually do stared out the window. I began to think of the ocean, that New York, New York was a big ocean and the buildings were on boats. I thought of everyone going to their important jobs dripping water because they had to swim to work, I began to laugh.
I came back to the real world were the principles and daddy where looking at me with a face that said if you don't mind well you come out of your mind and listen to what we have to say. I shook my head yes even though they said no word. Their conversation seemed to go on forever I tried my very best to listen but I just got to so incredible bored.
After a few more minutes of their going nowhere conversation my father stood. I looked up at him he reached over the desk that was the safety blanket of the principles and shook his hand. I say it’s his safety blanket cause it seemed like no matter what he was right behind it. I found it truly silly cause you can't see much sitting in a uncolored office. No very much at all.
We left the school father said nothing. I hated calling him father for I only called him that when he was mad at me. But that was the case at this very moment so father and I walked down the sidewalks. I tired my hardest not to stop and look at what people were selling. It killed me to have the old man with whiskers draw me in a cartoon world made entirely for me. I bite my lip trying not to sing along with the bands which sat on every corner. I loved walking down the sidewalks cause there was always something new and wonderful with every step. But today I did not stop to see all the wonderful things I just stood by father walking stiff.
We walked into the heart of town, the park. I loved the park most of all but today I just wanted to go home. All the flowers had long gone and the trees were all yellow, orange, and red. Some of the leaves had fallen some still held on.. I did not dare walking in the discarded leaves for I knew father would get even matter.
I waited for him to speak but moments flew by then seconds then minutes. Tell final I just couldn't take it any longer I shout, “Peanut Butter Pickles!” I imaged a uptight old lady with a rat of hair on her head eating peanut butter pickles, I began to giggle. I looked up at dad still laughing at my crazy thoughts. He held is lips together confining his laughter within tell final he could not take it anymore and began to laugh loudly.
After we stopped laughing we were at the fountain. He rubbed his eyes as if he was laughing so hard he cried. He paused for a moment and then in a claim voice spoke, “Josie, now I know you love to think and to be different. But everything has a time and a place you know that. The school and I both agree that school is not the place or the time to be creative every second of everyday. I think it would be best if you acted like all the other little boy and girls and just listen. I know that it may be hard for you but I do wish you would try.” Each word he spoke stung me like lemon juice on a fresh cut. How could he say those things? Be like everyone else. Never!
He looked at me and saw my face flaming red hots and hot Cheeto's. He toke a deep breathe and spoke once more, “Now don't get made Jos. You know I love how creative and different you are but you don't need to show it all the time. You don't want to be like one of those people how run out of things to think!” As he spoke the his final thoughts he began to tickle me. I began to scream for help for the tickle monster but it was to late I began to yell with laughter.
I told daddy that I would do my best to pay attention in class from now on. I promised I wouldn't be like those people who run out of things to think. To think me, Josie Poppy May running out of ideas. What a silly thing to think.

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