Life is a game

October 11, 2010
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Life is a Game
Breathing hard she shoots. Swoosh, the ripping of the net made the crowd go wild. “Lets get this next shot in you got it Jade!” the coach screams over the roaring crowd. Everyone got quiet. All the pressure was on her, eyes staring right at her. She shot again. Swoosh. Jade didn’t see or even know what was happening all she knew was that she made the last two free throws to win the game. “Woooooohh We won!! State baby!” her teammates cheered jumping all over her.She felt negativity in the air as she walked to go shake the other team’s hand.
“Good game,” Jade said walking past one girl.
“Get out my face!” the girl yelled while pushing Jade. She felt a rush come over her, her mind told her to punch the mess out of the very rude girl,that’s exactly what she did. The rude girl’s nose began to bleed. She couldn’t believe what she just did. “Oh my gosh I am so sorry” she said even though she knew she wasn’t. Jade turned all she felt was a fist pounded right into her face. A fight had broken out, people were everywhere screaming for someone to end the fight. Coaches and parents ran to stop the fight but nothing helped until the cops came, but everyone ran so no one would get in trouble.
Jade sat icing her dark purple puffy bruised eye. Great jade thought. Her body and face ached trying to hide her anger, she struggled to stand up.
A new season a new day is all Jade thought about. She was so ready for school.
“Hey honey me and your father have some news for you,” her mom said putting her head down.
“Yeah mom what is it?” Jade asked fully unaware of the shakiness in her moms voice.
“Well you know how me and your father have been talking right. Well he has leave and we have to move. Like soon,” Her mom said, disappointed.
“What! Are you kidding me? I have basketball. The coaches are expecting me. You can’t do this!” jade screamed, her eyes watered.
“Jade now everything is not about you. It’s not our decision young lady. Now go to your room and start packing!”. Jade stomped to her room slamming the door behind her.
A week later. Jade was waiting for her parents to tell her it was all just a joke and they weren’t actually moving, but they never seemed to say it was fake. They packed their bags in the trunk of the car. She sat in the back blasting her iPod that seemed to fill the awkward silence. They drove for hours. Jade saw the sign that made her tingle.Welcome to South Carolina. She felt like she wanted to throw up just thinking about a new place.

Today was definitely a new day, and Jade didn’t like where she was. School was so hard for her, and people looked at her all the time because she was so tall. She felt unwanted. It’s been three months of school now. Basketball season was coming up..She had been working hard, lifting weights, and even eating healthier than usual.
Jade jumped for the rebound. It felt like her stomach was going to come out of her throat. She gasped for air.Her heart beating fast. She ran to the baseline then to the free throw line then to half court. Her stomach started cramping, and back aching. It was scrimmage time. Jades’ favorite part of tryouts, but she didn’t feel so good. Jade just happened to be with a chunky girl, two short girls, and a tall lanky girl. Jade had no idea any of the girls first names so she played like she did. The whistle blew. She jumped to tip the ball she missed, but one of the short girls on her team caught the ball. She dribbled fast down the court. She passed to the chunky girl she shot, and missed, but Jade came in right under the basket moving gracefully like a ballerina.Snatching the rebound down from the backboard. She jumped shot and made the layup. “Nice shot.” The short girl said to her giving her a hi five. Jade had to hustle to get back on defense. The other tall center that played on the other team was big so she had to be strong. Breathing hard Jade set her feet. The center got the ball. Jade put her hands up as the girl shot to get around her. She rejected the shot. Jade felt powerful, she grabbed the ball and dribbled down the court “Jade, Jade! Ball!” the short girl yelled, but instead she went for a layup. A short dark skin girl sprinted down the court after her. She went up for the layup, but lost her balance. *Boom* Jade landed right on her ankle. Not one part of her foot was on the ground. “Ahhhhhhhhh!!” Jade screamed tears rolling down her sweaty face.
“Oh my gosh! I am so sorry I didn’t mean to run into you!” The dark skin girl panicked. Jades face was red and her ankle quickly turned purple. . Memories of her past basketball seasons faded. What happens next, am I going to be fine, I want my mom, somebody please help me all these thoughts filled her mind. She laid on the ground bawling her eyes out. She smelled like sweat, and her hair was all wet and sticky from some gel she put on earlier.
After coming home from the ER they found out her ankle was broken in three places, and she couldn’t play anymore for a while. Jade always wished she could go back and have passed the ball instead of being a ball hog. She definitely knew if she would have passed the ball she would be on the basketball team. It’s over. Even the touch of a basketball made her spine tingle. The horrible memories of basketball made her just think; first she punches a girl at state finals then moves to a new school, and now breaks her ankle. Even though she had good memories before she still couldn’t get over it..

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