When It's Gone Your world Can't Stop Chapters 5-6

October 10, 2010
By Escapethefate GOLD, GT, Maryland
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Chapter 5
My whole school day was pretty boring. I fell asleep during History and English which I totally regretted because I miss a lot of work. The only good thing that happened was that I found out that Chris was in my English class but we didn’t really talk much. He only said hi to me in the beginning of class. Lunch was pretty normal as usual. I sat down with my best friend Martha Portinni and we talked about our summer. Martha Portinni and I have been best friends since 7th grade. We’ve had fights and got mad at each other a couple of times, but we always got over them. She was someone that I knew I could always talk to.
The best part about our conversation was when we were talking about my mom’s death, I didn’t cry! I felt so proud of myself. I never knew I could actually hold it inside me. The other best part was when we were sitting down; Chris passed by our table and looked straight at me.
“Hey Caroline.”
“Hi!” I said happily.
“Still wondering what I was gonna say to you this morning?” he asked grinning evilly.
“Yep, and I really want to know!” I said.
“Well, you’re just gonna have to wait until the time is right.” He said making his evil grin into a full smile.
“Well, I guess I will.” I said smiling back as he walked away.
“Does he like you?” Martha asked.
“Umm, I don’t know.” I said blushing.
“Aah, but do you like him?” she asked looking at me mysteriously.
“Well…” I said smiling and blushing even more.
“OH MY GOD!” she squealed.
“Shh! You can’t tell anyone! You’re the only one who knows. Even my sister doesn’t know yet.” I said crouching low. Martha already knew that my sister and I were very close, even closer than she and I and she never took it offensive. Normally, Sadie, Martha, and I always told each other everything, so it was like we 3 were sisters!
“Oh ok. Sorry, but I just think you guys look really cute together!” she said turning all red and happy.
“Really? You really think so? I mean I don’t know…” I said unsure but still blushing.
“Yes but we’ll just have to wait and see where you two’s flirting will take you!” she said getting up and leaving me there by myself, still clueless as to what to think.
I walked across the hall, to my locker. My stupid locker wouldn’t open so I kept on trying my combination but I just wouldn’t open. It took a while until someone noticed me trying to open it probably because of the frustrated look on my face. Then I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder. I turned around. It was Chris.
“Hey, I see you’re struggling to open your locker.” Chris said.
“Hey, yea I am.” I said looking embarrassed instead of frustrated.
“Let me help you. Tell me your combo.” He said smiling.
“Hmm, should I trust you?” I asked him with an evil smile.
“Well… do you want to get your locker open before class?” he asked grinning.
“Well, yea so… it’s 12, 34, and 32” I said.
“Alright, 12…34… and… 32…” he said and then the locker snapped open.
“Thanks!” I said smiling to grab the side of the locker. His hand ended being in the same place as my hand. When my hand got on his hand we both turned to look at each other. Our eyes held in a stare and didn’t move. Then we both quickly looked away and chuckled to ourselves. That was a cute awkward-ish moment.
“Umm… yea. You’re welcome.” He said blushing as he walked away. I grabbed the stuff I needed for my next class and left. I walked up the stairs and walked over to my Science room. We had to do a science experiment, which really ended up being a science disaster. I was paired up with this stupid ghetto girl and I never really knew her, but all I knew was that her name was Shalaina. She was pretty rude the whole time. All she did was hog everything and do it all herself. Her gum chewing was pretty annoying too. Every second she made her bubble pop and the teacher told her to spit it out. Then she would come back, put another piece in her mouth and started her annoying chewing again. It was pretty stupid.
The next 3 period just dragged on through the whole day. Gym was the only fun period out of the 3 because we played soccer. Soccer is my favorite sport. I always used to play with mom in the backyard every weekend to practice. Other than Gym, math and French were pretty boring. I sat in my seat looking up at the wall and every 5 minutes I would look back at the clock to see if time had gotten any faster. It never did.
I was walking out of the school’s double doors and down the steps to leave. Finally, it was the end of the day. This day felt like a week already passed by, but it was only Monday. I looked around and scanned the area. I caught my sister waving to me from her friend’s table.
“COME HERE!” she yelled. I walked over to her table.
“Hey.” I said.
“Hi! So… how was your day?” she asked.
“Great, you?” I asked.
“The usual.” She said smiling. Then I heard someone yell my name.
“CAROLINE!” a boy’s voice yelled. I knew that voice so I turned around to find Chris signaling at me to go over to him. He was waiting in line with Matt and a couple of boys I don’t really know so they could board the bus. The weird thing was that he was standing in my bus line. Chris rides me bus! Oh my god!
“Oooohhh!” My sister said. “Someone’s boyfriend is calling her!” she said smiling. I turned bright red.
“Not even!” I said to her. I walked away from her table.
“Aww, look at your cheeks turn all red.” I heard one of her friends say. I ignored that comment and walked across the court to Chris.
“Hey!” he said. “I want you to meet my friends; Turner, and Markus.”
“Hi! Nice to meet you.” I said smiling at them.
“Guys this is Caroline.” Chris said to his friends.
“Nice to meet you Caroline, Turner said.
“Hey!” said Markus.
“So, uhh are you waiting for your bus?” Chris asked me.
“I’m in line for my bus right now.” I said.
“Wait…so we ride the same bus?” he asked with a smile forming on his face.
“Yup!” I said finishing up the smile on my face.
“Oh, awesome!” he said. “So what are your plans for today guys?” he asked all of us.
“Homework’s a drag.” I said rolling my eyes.
“Aah, yes.” Turner said. “That and then maybe I can hang out with you guys.”
“Yea same thing.” Markus said. “I probably have basket ball practice at night, but after homework I can chill.”
“Well, I might as well go with the crowd.” Chris said grinning.
Matt agreed. “Hey, give me your cell phone number. So I guess I’ll call you today and we can chill.” Chris said looking at me.
“Ooooh, someone’s goin’ smack!” Markus said.
“Shut up!” Chris said blushing like crazy. I smiled.
“Who could resist?” I said grinning.
“Ha! You’re good at this.” Matt said. I smiled. I took out a slip of paper and wrote down my number to give to Chris. I ripped off half and told him to write down his number so we could exchange. He wrote it down and we did the number exchange. Then the buses opened their doors and we hopped in. Martha came just in time and hopped in line with me.

“Hey!” she said smiling as we boarded the bus.

“Hi!” I said climbing up the stairs. We both got on and I sat down in the middle of the bus. Martha sat down next to me.

“Soo… looks like you’re having fun flirting.” She said making me blush.
“Oh, shut up!” I said smiling.
“Hehe!” she said. The whole bus ride was pretty silent. Well, actually let’s just say, Martha and I were pretty silent. The rest of the bus was pretty loud. Kids were laughing and talking so loud. One guy was screaming at another for no reason at all. I got a head ache after I was about to leave the bus. Martha and I got up and walked in the middle of the aisle. I waved bye to Chris and Chris waved back. Then I walked off the bus with Martha and walked home.
Chapter 6
“Well, what’s going to happen if you don’t multiply them?” my sister asked me. We were sitting down at the living room table finishing up my last problem for my math homework and then I was free.
“I have no idea.” I said laughing.
“Well, pi will be multiplied by the diameter and the square root because that’s the formula of that shape!” my sister said.
“Oh, so I will just take my calculator and put in all the numbers and multiply them and get my answer and I’m done! Woohoo!” I said.
“Why so rushed, wanna go see your boyfriend?” she asked teasing me. My cheeks turned hot as I punched in the numbers and got the answer.
“He’s not my boyfriend, he’s just a friend. Is it that hard to go hang out with friends? Oh, whoops I’m sorry I forgot, you don’t have any!” I said while I busted out laughing and wrote down the answer to the problem.
“Shut up! You’re lucky I even helped you with your math homework!” she angrily.
“Oh, okay I’m sorry…” I said grinning. These days I’ve felt like myself again; always being rude and obnoxious but then again sensitive once in a while. I think everything’s really changed ever since school started or ever since I met Chris and got my mind off of my mom’s death.
I packed up all my stuff in my backpack and put it next to the door for tomorrow morning. I walked over to the living room and sat down on the couch to watch TV. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Nothing really good was on TV so I just kept on flipping through channels until my fingers got tired. My dad came upstairs from the basement noticing that I was randomly flipping through channels.
“Umm, honey are you okay?” he asked looking at me suspiciously.
“Oh…yea sorry! I was just sort of bored.” I said grinning.
“Oh ok...” my dad said walking across the living room through the hall and into the kitchen. Suddenly in the middle of my TV channel changing session, my phone rang. The caller ID said, “Chris”. I had already put in his number while I was walking home. I was so nervous and I turned really red.
“Okay get a hang of yourself Caroline.” I thought to myself. So I picked up my phone and answered it.
“Hello.” I said cutely.
“Hey, Caroline. It’s Chris” he said.
“Oh, hey. What’s up?” I asked him. My heart was beating like crazy.
“Oh, I just finished my homework and Matt and the others are still finishing up. I just wanted to know if you could chill out for a little.” I looked down at my watch. It was 4:30.
“Yea, sure but where?” I asked him.
“Umm, well we could meet at CVS and then go somewhere together until the others call me.”

The author's comments:
This (once again) is just the next part of my book. It starts with the beginning of Chapter 5, and then stops in the middle of Chapter 6 becuase there's a limited amount of space. So I hope you like it and please comment!
-Thanks (:

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