Dream Land

October 8, 2010
By EmmaSam BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
EmmaSam BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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Kaylee and…Who, Who?, my head was screaming. I couldn’t take any more suspension, and like the teacher said partners for two whole months is a giant deal! Her hand fished around in the hat, like she was purposely taunting me, as if saying HA I’m just going to let you sit here and worry cause I know more then you! Well her trick was working I was shaking with nerves, antsy with fear, and over all in a tizzy! The teacher whipped out her hand and calls Jazzy, my life was officially over. Everybody looked at me with wide eyes, looking like owls they all smirked trying to hold in there laughter. Jazzy was now starring at me with her brown eyes they were big and droopy like a tiny puppy. Her hair was in her face it was brown as well and greasy as if shed dipped it in McDonalds fries, who knew when her last shower was. I wanted to smile back at her but I’m not giving her any benefits, she doesn’t deserve that! Why would the teacher put me with her? She knows how weird Jazzy is and plus Jazzy doesn’t even talk to anybody but herself. Me with Jazzy is like popular to freak show, dog to cat, Lions to gazelles, and everyone should know this just wont do!

The next day I go to school feeling Fabulous, like usually, I’m perky, excited, and nothing or no ones was putting me down. I was going to go straight to the teacher and tell her I needed a new partner, Jazzy would just not do! I see Jazzy in the hallway talking to herself , that didn’t bring me down I blew it off for I knew as soon I get my new partner the world will go back to spinning normally. Then it was time for Science, I went in high hopes, and SMACK I was hit like a quarter back, Mrs. Parkel (our science teacher) wouldn’t even let me finish what I had to say. She practically wrestled me to the ground, bringing me and my confidence down. I was now officially stuck with Jazzy for 2 whole months, and nothing that day could bring my whole self back up.

Today we started working with are partners, we had to do some experimenting with cleaners, it was boring but Jazzy didn’t t seem to think so, she kept in her own little world, laughing, smiling, and singing, and she even danced a bit too but she looked more like she was wading through a pond filled with tiny snakes slithering by her. This was quit odd I thought so I decided just to keep to myself. The next few weeks went the same I talked to my friends across from are lab and Jazzy talked to herself. Then one day I came into class and Jazzy was crying. “Quit being a baby, you shouldn’t cry in school, plus we have work to do if something is so bad you wouldn’t be here,” I told her. Jazzy eventually stopped and we finished the lab for the day, but I noticed she was quieter then usual.

The next three days I didn’t see Jazzy, on the fourth day she showed up but looked awful, her eyes were red and puffy like a giant bee had stung her and her hair was messy as if she’d been in a wind storm. I started to feel sorry about how rude I had been and I knew if I was going to work 4 more weeks with her she would need to start coming back to school. So I told her how sorry I was and I finally got the courage to ask her what had happened…this ended up to be a big mistake.

I cried and cried almost all hour and the tears were flowing like the ocean coming in waves at a time. That day I learned the truth about Jazzy, and I know now I will never tease her again. She lived with her grandparents her whole life and people tease her about it, in fact she’s always being made fun of she told me, it’s just awful! I would just never have expected her life to be like that she always acts like she doesn’t mind it. So I asked her, “how she coped with it all?”, and I got the strangest response “My Dream Land”.

The next day at lunch my friends and I had a gossip fest, the gossip was flying everywhere and to everyone, just as if we were having a food fight. Then one of the girls brought up Jazzy, “ She lives alone with her grandma that’s why she cant dress,“ I heard she never showers and eats out of the trash” the words hurt me. Then I hurt myself I was weaker than a mouse stuck in a mouse trap, I knew it. I couldn’t stop my self before I blurted it out “ I heard she talks to prince charming, bunnies, and all sorts of dumb things in her dream land” the girls bursted out laughing, I felt awful but put on my best smile.

The next few weeks I started to become closer to Jazzy, but it was top secret, she once even tried to talk to me in the hall but I blew her off yelling, “ew!” my friends thought this was funny, I felt guilty. One day I invited Jazzy over, I was learning so many cool things about her and I asked her how she thought of the Dream land and if I could make one too and sure enough she showed me how.

There I was on the beach in the sunset, my dream man next to me and my friends with theirs, Jazzy was hanging with us too and they loved her. A handsome waiter came and served us creamy strawberry virgin margaritas. The air smelled of warm ginger snaps and apple cider. The breeze burst our hair back, it felt like ice cubes but it felt perfect as if drinking hot chocolate by the fire in the deep winter. Then I heard a faint noise like it was in the distant ocean. I first thought it was a boat, but no It was becoming louder now and closer fast. Beep beep beep , I woke up. I had dreamed all that, I couldn’t believe it! Jazzy showed me how to cope with my own problems.

I was so excited to get to school and tell Jazzy all about my dream but when I got to science, there was a new seating arrangement. None of the experiment labs were out either, I looked up at the board and it said Final Day of Labs. We then had to grade our partners in their effort, my friends told me to fail her for even being my partner. They were being really rude and I quick snuck a peek to make sure Jazzy couldn’t here. Jazzy could and she looked like she was about to cry, she got up and started to run out the class room. “WAIT” I yelled the whole class looked at me, think of your dream, think of your dream I said over and over to myself. “ Leave Jazzy alone, Jazzy come back here, cant we all just get along. I know I’ve been a jerk to Jazzy but she’s showed me how to be better,” I yelled sternly. The class gave me the strangest look as if I was fish walking on land. “ I know everyone here has made fun of her and I have too, a lot I know, but she doesn’t have everything perfect. Nothings perfect for her, but you know what she’s perfect to me. I’ve gotten to know her and love her as a sister and you should too,” I said, my eyes getting a little watery. Just then the bell rang, the class was still frozen in shock so I walked out with Jazzy. I didn’t care how weird I looked as long as I had a true friend by me. For a very second I thought I also saw the teacher give a little smirk as if she planned the whole thing.

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