Shark Encounter

October 8, 2010
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The grains of debris and the salt in the heavy illusions of heavy flowing snowflakes of drip-drop filled ocean blue created a brave state of mind in my weak body. My hands and body, engulfed by the suffocating file of gear hugging me with a sign of affection, shook angrily in the midnight moon’s reflection dancing along the metal bars of the protective under water jail cell. What was I thinking? I’m not a brave person. The wind could wisp away my body into the clouds, me being afraid to cower down and refrain. A gray being darted side to side, not able to confirm the contraption of the scientific way of invading his privacy. Blood stained water cried with a sense of regret and sorrow; they must surrender their blue to red. My pulse stung in my ears as I hastily waited for my insanity. The water acquired a new current and the ocean life around me died. The shark has come to season. The shadow of the hazy, smothering ebony figure was a defibulator to my heart, jump starting my fear like a distressed vehicle. The pressure of the ocean deep rang in my ears, though my strap from the plastic goggles hang on to them tightly and gave my face a reassuring hug. Its body is an ice sickle in the oceans family and waves. The outsider. Misunderstood. He is aloof, but I plan to stab a knife into his conscience. I will break the wall. It will shatter into a million pieces on the ocean floor. Shark and man living together as one. If only he would agree. The monstrous being seemed to be inquisitive of my testings. I was a provoking tick on the skin of a dog. Biting and crawling all over. My curious finger urged and craved to brush against the bitter skin that seemed to be a magnet to my brain. A quick controversy, to touch or not to touch, ran through my body as my fingers listened intently. It seemed like it took ages for my aching fingers to pass through my safety cage. The shark eyed me with an unsure gaze and a moment of fear ran like a violent heat wave throughout my entire body. His skin was like sand paper, rough and grainy. Ice cold. A sense of pride ran into my heart, alerting my mouth to curve into a crescent moon. The shark is the king. And I guess this makes me a queen. I am intact. I am safe. I survived.

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